Saturday, August 18, 2018

Black Hops: U.S.A.-*-G.I. #2 now available!

Issue two of my two-part miniseries with Timothy Lim (and covers by Dave Dorman), Black Hops: U.S.A.-*-G.I. is available from the publisher's website!

If your local comic shop ordered it, it'll be on shelves August 22.  And if you haven't picked up a copy of the first issue, that one's still available on the publisher's website, too:

Big thanks to everyone who has supported our comic!  And if you enjoyed it, we'll be doing another one in 2019!


Adam Winters said...

I enjoyed issue #1, so I'm looking forward to completing the set!

Chet said...

I miss your TMNT reviews!

Gerardo Torres said...

Did he quit reviewing? I use to really enjoy his reviews.

Anonymous said...

He mentioned he got a new job and recently moved, he's writing his own comics now, and he lost interest in the IDW series lately. He's also 32 now so his priorities are shifting from when he was in his 20's and had more spare time on his hands.

I'm honestly surprised he kept this site going as long as he did. I think he'll still review the rest of the IDW run (or at least to issue 100), but I suspect we'll be slowing down from this point onward. It was a fun ride from 2007 or so till now.

Anonymous said...

Where are you Mark? We miss you.