Friday, December 2, 2011

Movie and Cartoon reviews

I've decided to expand TMNT Entity! Instead of merely boasting reviews of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic books, we'll now be covering the franchise's other media outlets, such as the movies, cartoons and ocassional live action television series or special (god help us all).

You can find these reviews (as well as other non-TMNT articles by me) over at Adventures in Poor Taste; a site I regularly contribute to. For the sake of convenience, however, I'll index them all here!

Fred Wolf animated series (1987)
4Kids animated series (2003)
Nickelodeon animated series (2012)
Feature films
Other stuff

1 comment:

snowkatt said...

i was wondering when you'd do a review for turtles forever ( recently bought this on ebay )

i cant say i watched much of the 4kids series beyond season 2 and i tend to avoid the 87 cartoon exactly because its over the top goofy with the turtles being ineffectual clowns

...maybe thats why i like turtles forever so much it shows what doofuses the 87 turtles are
in my opinion the best thing the 87 series did ( other then you know ignite turtle powah ) is make splinter yoshi turned in to a rat not yoshi's pet

i can believe splinter being yoshi and as such being a master ( as well as wise and the rest ) i have trouble accepting splinter being a mutated rat then again this is a series about 4 ninja turtles
so if i can buy that

having not much of a touchstone for either of the two versions for me turtles forever stands mostly on its own as a last hurrah of the tmnt under mirage

and as such its a great movie which i rank near the first live action movie and the cgi movie ( yes i actually liked the cgi movie it had gorgeous animation and some great fight scenes its story was a bit tepid but no worse then 2 or 3 and thankfully less "comedic" too )

now viacom lets see what you can do......