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The IDW TMNT continuity timeline

Ever since completing my Mirage TMNT reading order and Archie TMNT Adventures reading order, some folks asked that I do the same for the IDW TMNT series, which has been growing increasingly more complicated.  I didn’t bother at first, as someone else was already working on it!

Users "ToTheNines" and "Chris" over at The Technodrome Forums have been maintaining this thread with help not only from fans but from IDW’s TMNT editor Bobby Curnow.  Curnow has been a great resource, taking things like chronological order seriously (something few editors particularly care about) and openly answering questions about issue placement over in this thread at the IDW Forums.

Still, for convenience, I’ll maintain a version here on TMNT Entity.  Unlike "ToTheNines’s" version, though, I prefer to try and break clusters of issues up by either story arcs or “eras” rather than years of publication.  For this version, I’ll group everything around the main arcs represented by the trade paperbacks (and storyline titles come from the trade paperbacks, as the issues themselves are untitled).


TMNT #1 (review)
TMNT #2 (review)
TMNT #3 (review)
TMNT #4 (review)
TMNT 30th Anniversary Special - "A Lot to Learn" (review)


TMNT #5 (review)
Micro-Series #1: Raphael (review)
Micro-Series #2: Michelangelo (review)
TMNT #6 (review)
Micro-Series #3: Donatello (review)
Infestation 2: TMNT #1 (review)
Infestation 2: TMNT #2 (review)
TMNT #7 (review)
TMNT #8 (review)


Micro-Series #4: Leonardo (review)
TMNT #9 (review)
TMNT #10 (review)
Micro-Series #5: Splinter (review)
TMNT #11 (review)
TMNT #12 (review)


Micro-Series #6: Casey Jones (review)
TMNT #13 (review)
TMNT #14 (review)
TMNT Annual 2012 (review)
Micro-Series #7: April (review)
TMNT #15 (review)
TMNT #16 (review)


Micro-Series #8: Fugitoid (review)
TMNT #17 (review)
TMNT #18 (review)
TMNT #19 (review)
TMNT #20 (review)
Villains Micro-Series #1: Krang (review)
Villains Micro-Series #2: Baxter (review)


The Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 (review)
The Secret History of the Foot Clan #2 (review)
The Secret History of the Foot Clan #3 (review)
The Secret History of the Foot Clan #4 (review)


TMNT #21 (review)
TMNT #22 (review)
Villains Micro-Series #3: Old Hob (review)
TMNT #23 (review)
TMNT #24 (review)
Villains Micro-Series #4: Alopex (review)
Villains Micro-Series #5: Karai (review)
TMNT #25 (review)
Villains Micro-Series #6: Hun (review)
TMNT #26 (review)
Villains Micro-Series #7: Bebop and Rocksteady (review)
TMNT #27 (review)
TMNT #28 (review)
Villains Micro-Series #8: Shredder (review)


Note: For best reading order, read "Utrom Empire" all together after "Northampton".

TMNT #29 (review)
Utrom Empire #1 (review)
TMNT #30 (review)
Utrom Empire #2 (review)
TMNT #31 (review)
TMNT #32 (review)
Utrom Empire #3 (review)


TMNT Annual 2014 (review)
TMNT #33 (review)
TMNT #34 (review)
TMNT #35 (review)
TMNT #36 (review)


Note: #37 and Turtles in Time take place concurrently so it doesn't matter which you read first.

TMNT #37 (review)
Turtles in Time #1 (review)
Turtles in Time #2 (review)
Turtles in Time #3 (review)
Turtles in Time #4 (review)
TMNT #38 (review)
TMNT #39 (review)
TMNT #40 (review)


TMNT/Ghostbusters #1 (review)
TMNT/Ghostbusters #2 (review)
TMNT/Ghostbusters #3 (review)
TMNT/Ghostbusters #4 (review)


Note: For best reading order, read "Mutanimals" all together after "Attack on Technodrome".

TMNT #41 (review)
TMNT #42 (review)
TMNT #43 (review)
Mutanimals #1 (review)
TMNT #44 (review)
Mutanimals #2 (review)
Mutanimals #3 (review)
Mutanimals #4 (review)


Note: For best reading order, read "Casey & April" all together after "Vengeance".

TMNT #45 (review)
Free Comic Book Day 2015 (review)
TMNT #46 (review)
TMNT #47 (review)
Casey & April #1 (review)
TMNT #48 (review)
TMNT #49 (review)
TMNT #50 (review)
Casey & April #2 (review)
Casey & April #3 (review)
Casey & April #4 (review)


TMNT #51 (review)
TMNT #52 (review)
TMNT #53 (review)
TMNT #54 (review)
TMNT #55 (review)


TMNT #56 (review)
TMNT #57 (review)
TMNT #58 (review)
TMNT #59 (review)
TMNT #60 (review)


The placement of issues outside the ongoing series is fairly intuitive and many of the issues come with notes on the interior cover telling you where the story goes.  Still, a few of them can be a little confusing, so as always, click “review” and scroll down to “Turtle Tips” for a full reasoning of placement.  For this article, though, I’ll summarize a few of the oddities:

TMNT MICRO-SERIES: Most of these one-shots came with notes on the inside cover from editor Bobby Curnow explaining where they slot-in in regards to the ongoing series.  In the case of TMNT Micro-Series #7: April, the note on the inside cover places it between TMNT #12 and TMNT #13.  Curnow later explained that between TMNT #14 and TMNT #15 was a better placement.

INFESTATION 2: Infestation 2 was an event that affected multiple IDW titles without actually requiring any crossovers.  The event began in Infestation 2 #1, ran through the title-based Infestation 2 miniseries, then ended in Infestation 2 #2.  The Turtles do not appear in the main Infestation 2 miniseries beyond the covers and a brief appearance in a montage, so as such I felt no need to include those issues in this timeline.  The events of the Infestation 2: TMNT storyline are self-contained and thus far have not been referenced in any other issues.  The issues were also excluded from the TMNT: The IDW Collection Vol. 1 hard cover, making fans question their canonicity.

HERO COMICS 2012: “Ready Set Go!” was a short comic by Kevin Eastman published in IDW’s charity book Hero Comics 2012 #1.  It was reprinted in the TMNT 30th Anniversary Special where it was designated as being a part of the Mirage universe, rather than the IDW universe.

UTROM EMPIRE and NORTHAMPTON: The events of the Utrom Empire and Northampton arcs occur concurrently with one another.  The Turtles play a minor part in Utrom Empire, with their scenes taking place at different times throughout the Northampton storyline.  Their scenes in Utrom Empire #3 actually take place before and after TMNT #32.  Personally, I'd recommend reading all of Utrom Empire AFTER Northampton, just because the storylines would flow better that way.

X-FILES CONSPIRACY: For those wondering why that issue is not included in my timeline, the events of the X-Files: Conspiracy event were rendered non-canon by the last issue of the miniseries, essentially relegating the chapters to an alternate universe.  As a result, the X-Files/TMNT: Conspiracy comic is retroactively non-canon (which may be for the best, as the issue contained several irreconcilable errors in continuity).

TURTLES IN TIME: According to Curnow, the 2014 TMNT Annual takes place between issues #32 and #33, while the Turtles in Time miniseries takes place concurrently with #37.  It can be read either before or after that one-shot issue of the ongoing, as that story doesn't feature the Turtles in it at all.

MUTANIMALS: The events of the Mutanimals miniseries spin directly out of TMNT #43 and then proceed to go in their own direction separate from the storyline of Attack on Technodrome.  For reading purposes, as with Utrom Empire and Northampton, I'd recommend reading Mutanimals after finishing Attack on Technodrome.

VENGEANCE: According to Curnow, the Free Comic Book Day special, "Prelude to Vengeance" is intended to be read before TMNT #46 but occurs concurrently with that issue (so despite being titled "prelude" it actually takes place between chapters 1 and 2 of that arc).

CASEY & APRIL: This miniseries spins out of TMNT #47 with a prologue in the first issue that takes place on the same night.  The rest of issue #1 and all of #2-4 take place several days after TMNT #50.  As always, I'd recommend reading it altogether AFTER "Vengeance" instead of disrupting that arc's narrative flow.

BATMAN/TMNT: According to editor Bobby Curnow, the Batman/TMNT crossover miniseries published by DC Comics in 2015/2016 is not a part of the IDW continuity.  The Turtle side of it is "inspired" by the IDW characterization and setting, but is otherwise unrelated to their universe.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant job with this list! The reading order can be a bit confusing for new fans, so I always use this to show them where the micro issues fit in. Thanks!

Mark Pellegrini said...


Thanks for the feedback, man!

Anonymous said...

this is absolutely brilliant.

Robert said...

so the utrom will be before the northhampton? interesting.

Mark Pellegrini said...


I *think* Utrom Alliance is only going to feature Krang, Baxter, Fugitoid and the Neutrinos and will be a side story away from the TMNT (hence why it can slot between TMNT arcs). I could be wrong, though, and I may move it around once it comes out. But I believe Bobby said that's where it goes, if my memory isn't betraying me...

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for this list, it helped a lot. IDW's TMNT is like the first actual western comic series I've ever gotten into so a lot of this side story stuff is really unintuitive to me.

Anonymous said...

You might want to add TMNT Annual 2012 right before City Fall.

Zeph101 said...

As someone whose only being collecting the trades, I cannot tell you how useful this guide has been. Thanks for this Mark.

Michale M. said...

Soul's Winter was just released (12/02/14) in hardcover format under IDW. Where does this fit on the timeline? Which timeline?

Mark Pellegrini said...

@Michale M.

"Souls Winter" was a storyline from Mirage's TMNT Volume 1, IDW is just reprinting it with new colors.

But even as a Mirage story, it was deliberately an alternate universe take on the TMNT, unconnected to any other incarnation.

Larry Chuckles said...

Hey Mark. Thanks for all your reviews. As someone who likes to analyse things, these have made my reading experience much more enjoyable. Also, where do you get all your mirage comics? Those are something I'm trying to collect but I'm not sure where to get them.

Mark Pellegrini said...


Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding the Mirage comics, there's no one answer for where I got them. Some were from back issue bins in various stores, some were from eBay, some were from private sellers, some where from the Mirage site. It took the better part of 10 years to get them all.

But the Mirage website is a good place to start. They have lots of issues, mostly at cover price, and they can fill in numerous gaps for cheap (it's just a long wait for them to fulfill your order).

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

@Mark Pellegrini
From Michael L.

LOVE this blog page man!
i found it on a google search for IDW TMNT reading order
and seriously dude, this page is truly ALL KINDS of AWESOME!!!

i'm sorry, i'm totally geeking out right now! just seeing most EVERY TMNT book ever MADE is reviewed here!
you even did a timeline for the Classic Mirage comics?
i think i've just gone to TMNT heaven?
awesome job man! :)

it's nice to finally know where those Infestation 2 books fit in. :)

and hopefully this comment posted correctly with my actual profile?

Totaldrama Icequeen said...

Can you please put up the review for TMNT IDW issue #50? I want to see some of the pics you post

Unknown said...

@ Totaldrama Icequeen

Mark's reviews usually take a bit of time for him to post.
they are pretty in-depth and i imagine they take quite a bit of work for him to create.
being that issue 50 is an extra large issue, my guess is it might take more time than usual?

just a guess though?

Comic Book John said...

So, April & Casey #2-4 is DEFINITELY set after TMNT#50? Or is that just a place holder until further notice? Just wondering... I'm getting back into the series, and I've picked up from #37 onward. Using this timeline, I'm fixing my stack in reading order. Just wanted to see if that was definitely correct, or if that'll be changed?

Mark Pellegrini said...

@Comic Book John

Honestly, I'm tempted to move all 4 issues of Casey & April to after #50; the only reason C&A #1 is between #47 and #48 is because it opens with a prologue that takes place at the same time as #47. C&A #2-4 take place well after #50, though. Mainly, it's because #47-50 all take place on the same night while the prologue in C&A #1 takes place on that night while the rest of the issues are several days to a week later.

Now, PERSONALLY, I would recommend reading all four issues after #50 rather than spread around. Same thing with Utrom Empire and Mutanimals; they read better altogether after the arc they ran concurrently with rather than jumbled up.

Rxod Music said...


Totaldrama Icequeen said...

What is your favorite IDW comic?

Totaldrama Icequeen said...

Wow! 2 comics in one month! All that's left is the review

Anonymous said...

This is my go-to thing for continuity. I guess I'll be selling my infestation comics... as I've always thought they were non canon

Totaldrama Icequeen said...

Where is issue #53 review?

Anonymous said...

@Totaldrama Icequeen

why don't you start up a blog and post reviews?

let's see how prompt and thorough they are?

Totaldrama Icequeen said...

@Anonymous I don't have any of the comic books. And I can't read them. The review from this blog is all I got!!!

LdyJess said...

Thank you very much for your hard work putting this together. I don't read a lot of comics, but being a big fan of the Turtles on screen, I wanted more. The whole micro-series thing can be confusing and having this guide for reading order is the best thing ever. I am really enjoying them!

Mike B. said...

As always, thanks for posting this. Your site is a constant companion to my reading.

How do you find information regarding the names of arcs, what issues they'll include, etc?

Mark Pellegrini said...

@Mike B.


Regarding the names of arcs, I usually wait until the trades come out and then use those titles for the arcs grouped in each volume. On a few occasions, the arcs are named in the issues themselves or the solicits ("City at War", "Attack on Technodrome", "Leatherhead") in which case I know in advance. Other times, I just have to wait it out or ask the editor directly (which in most cases, he doesn't have an arc title in mind until it's time to collect them in a trade).

XO!ce queenXO said...

I'm looking forward to the review for IDW 55. I hope the turtles reunited

Anonymous said...

Can you upload the review for TMNT Deviations 1-shot?

Michale said...

Yeah, what he said. ^

I was looking for it just now in the City Fall section. Best issue we've had in a while, And it doesn't even "count"!