Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Articles

The following are TMNT Entity's odds and ends; misc. articles covering a number of TMNT-related topics. Some are humor pieces, some are editorials, some are research essays, some are interviews and some are just whatever.

Editorials, Retrospectives, and Humor

  • The 25 Greatest Moments in TMNT History

  • Casey Jones: Badass or Loser?

  • My 10 Favorite Images from this Russian TMNT Comic

  • IDW has the TMNT license: My gut response

  • Pizzaface: A Recipe for Awesome

  • Retrospective: The Mirage TMNT Volume 1 "Guest Era"

  • What Happened to the "Teenage" in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"?

  • A Rat King By Any Other Name...

  • The Mutanimals are Making a Comeback and What Took so Long?

  • TMNT Entity 10th Anniversary Retrospective

  • Interviews

  • Dan Berger on the Future TMNT timeline

  • Tristan Jones on the cancelled Mirage Universe Sourcebook

  • "Slash!" by Jeremiah D. Allan, Randy Valiente and Kris Johnson

  • Landry Walker, writer for IDW's TMNT New Animated Adventures and Panini's TMNT Magazine (at AIPT, scroll down til you see Turtle pics)

  • Reading Orders and Chronological Timelines

  • The Mirage Comics Continuity Timeline

  • The Archie TMNT Adventures Continuity Timeline

  • The IDW TMNT Continuity Timeline

  • TMNT (1987) Viewing Order

  • Research Essays

  • The (confusing) History of the TMNT in Japan

  • The (mysterious) Future Era of the Mirage Universe

  • TMNT & Other Strangeness: An Overview of the Palladium RPG Sourcebooks

  • The 4th Live-Action TMNT Movie That Never Was...

  • Christianity Vs. The Ninja Turtles

  • The Mighty Mutanimals Cartoon that Almost Happened

  • Whatever Happened to "The Forever War"?

  • Compare/Contrast: The Many Colorizations of TMNT #1

  • How many times has the TMNT #1 rooftop cover pose been recreated?

  • The Mirage Comics and... The End of the World!

  • Was April O'Neil Originally Black in the Mirage Comic?