Saturday, April 16, 2011


Originally published in: Turtle Soup (Vol. 1) #1
Publication date: September, 1987

Story and art: Frank Bella



As Leonardo walks down the street, expounding on how most turtles like to hide in their shells, he sees his brothers besieged by giant cockroaches. Revealing that he prefers to face trouble, Leo draws his blades and charges into action. As he does so, he contemplates, “I knew New York had a roach problem, but jeez!”

Ha-HA! Comedy.

Turtle Tips:

*This story has never been reprinted.

*Frank Bella has made the comic available for free on his homepage, HERE.


A two-pager by some guy I’ve never heard of with art I don’t particularly like and a joke that isn’t even funny.

I got nothin'.