Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stealth edits!

Because that's how a ninja edits his comic book blog.

Anyway, some changes here and there I've made to older articles:

After being made aware of some excellent points, I reevaluated season 2 in my TMNT (1987) Viewing Order and rearranged it.  You know, just in case this sort of thing keeps you up at night.  Added a bunch of notes to the bottom of the article, too.

Also, I was never satisfied with my IDW Chronological Order in regards to it working as an intuitive Reading Order.  So I added notes to certain sections indicating what the best reading order for jumbled up miniseries/ongoing arcs is.  Because "Utrom Empire" may take place all throughout "Northampton", but you wouldn't want to read it that way.

And there ya go.