Friday, July 1, 2011

Tales of the TMNT (Vol. 2) #25

Publication date: July, 2006

Cover: Peter Laird


*Kung-Fu Theater
*My Hero!
*The Doors of Deception

Turtle Tips:

*This special milestone issue also contained 10 bonus pin-ups by Dario Brizuela, Eric Talbot, Stan Sakai (featuring Usagi Yojimbo!), Michael Dooney, Sean Wang, Dan Berger, Dave White, Jim Lawson, Don Perlin/Ryan Brown and Diego Jourdan.

*Another TMNT/Usagi pin-up by Sakai will be featured in Tales of the TMNT (Vol. 2) #53.


Click the links for each story to read their individual review, but just because, here’s that bitchin’ TMNT/Usagi pin-up from Sakai:

Aw yeah.

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