Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awesome Turtle Picture #004

Konami's staff artists produced some pretty great artwork for the manuals packaged with the NES, SNES and Genesis game, TMNT: Tournament Fighters. Unfortunately, I couldn't find immaculate scans of every piece, so instead of highlighting just one, I'll give you a gallery of them all.

Here are the best images of the box art Google and Bing could provide (basically, not very good):

Here's the character artwork:

And here are the Turtles doing some moves plus some poster art (used as the cover for the Japanese box, pictured above):

This game rawks, by the way.


E. Wilson said...

Here's a sentence I never thought I'd type, but Wingnut looks positively bad-ass in that solo shot.

Adam said...

To this day, I'd love to see the uncropped high-res image of the Dooney piece from TMNT3: The Manhattan Project. So great! The only letdown was you didn't get to fight a Triceraton boss in the actual game.

Mark Pellegrini said...

@Adam Winters,

Indeed, The Manhattan Project's box art is one of my favorite Dooney pieces.

I'd especially love to see a hi res, uncropped version because I'm pretty sure that Casey's in that piece, in the background to the left of the Triceraton. Even enlarged, though, it's hard to tell since he's half-cropped out.

Casey Jones and a Triceraton... makes one wonder just what Konami told Dooney was going to be IN that game when he did the piece.