Monday, August 29, 2011

The hiatus is halfway over!

Update time!

I've translated through page 53 of Super Turtles Vol. 2. Only 50 more pages to go!

Once the translations are done, I'll send the script off to The Optical Internet Translation Gang for image editing and I'll get back to my regular review schedule!

Thanks for being patient as I finish this up, everyone, and I hope you've been enjoying the "Awesome Turtle Pictures" filler-feature! It should only be another week or two!


Cryomancer said...

And I've got about 1/4th of the pages cleaned up so far, too. So this one should hopefully go quicker than volume 2.

Gonna be less resolution consistency though, the first 13~ of the raw scans were larger than the rest, for whatever reason. Should still look pretty good when I'm done though, hopefully. Those twopage spreads scare me though.

Adam said...

Mark, you deserve a medal for suffering through that text! And C-mancer, the reason for the resolution inconsistency was probably because there was a gaps of months between my early and later scans. Let me know if I need to redo any for you.

Cryomancer said...

Only thing I know I'm gonna want re-dos on so far is the 2 page spreads probably. Some of those are pretty muddled in the fold and have complex as hell art going on in them, so the nicer scan I can get to work with there the better. I may not even try to make it very pretty and connected this time around, because those things are seriously super scary haha.

Adam said...

If anybody can pull off miracle edits, it's you, C-Man!