Thursday, September 6, 2012

Super Turtles Volume 3: "Birth of the Silver Warrior: Turtle Saint!" now translated and ready!

After a lengthy delay here at TMNT Entity due to finishing my degree and moving cross-country, and after some crippling technical website difficulties for the Optical Internet Translation Gang, we are now proud to present the fully translated and fully text-edited final chapter of the Super Turtles manga series:

"Birth of the Silver Warrior: Turtle Saint!"

Witness Shredder's possession by the evil Dark-Mu!  Panic over Kris-Mu's potential demise!  Groan as Donatello makes pervy advances toward April! 

Special thanks, once again, go to Adam Winters for sharing his huge collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles manga with us for scans, and to Cryomancer for all his hard work in clean-up and text-editing.  This one was probably the most fun I've had translating since Mutant Turtles Gaiden.  I hope you all enjoy!

And if you STILL have some catching up to do on the Super Turtles saga, then you can check out the previously translated chapters at the TMNT Manga directory!


E. Wilson said...

I keep looking at that picture, and I keep seeing Flame Wingman. Those crazy Japanese!

Adam Winters said...

"Witness Shredder's possession by the evil Dark-Mu! Panic over Kris-Mu's potential demise! Groan as Donatello makes pervy advances toward April!"

Man, that is some kind of preview!

I think it's odd that the Turtles are portrayed as so much more openly affectionate toward April in the Fleetway and Dengeki comics. The closest we've ever come to any of them blatantly crushing on April in American media has probably been the original movie and the upcoming Nick cartoon.

So were the overseas creative teams just being weird or were they doing a more accurate job of portraying the Turtles as teenagers?