Saturday, March 30, 2013

Awesome Turtle Picture #018

These are the covers to four volumes of Mirage TMNT (Vol. 1) reprints published in Italy by Granata Press in 1992/93.  They're by Glenn Fabry, better known for his work on DC/Vertigo's "Preacher" and other titles.

These trades were also reprinted in Polish around the same time and with the same cover art (though the text was changed to Polish, obviously).


Anonymous said...

Glenn Fabry, I'd assume, best known (at least by me) for DC/Vertigo's Preacher covers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! That's almost certainly Glenn Fabry.

Mark Pellegrini said...

@ Both Anonymous commenters

Thanks, guys!

I'll update the text in the post. You know, a friend of mine has been offering to lend me his Preacher trades for a while, now. I really ought to take him up on the offer (especially since I'm a huge fan of Ennis's run on The Punisher).

T4_was_here said...

The were sold in swedish too.
I have the first two too prove it!

tyron said...

inside the book is the art done by glenn farby or just the covers and how can i get of hold of these.

Mark Pellegrini said...


Only the covers are by Fabry. Inside, they're reprints of the original Mirage issues by Eastman and Laird.

As for where you can get them, I'm afraid I can't be of much help. They're not easy to come by and for several years no one could get ahold of Vol. 4 to complete the cover gallery scan, as it's rather rare.

Luis Diaz said...

Any chance someone has any copies today? I have #1. Nt looking for Near Mints.

Luis Diaz said...

Recently got #2. All I need now is #3 and #4. Please contact me if you happen to have any or both of these copies.

@thekillerrabbit or visit my site