Thursday, April 18, 2013

TMNT (Fred Wolf) Season 3 Part 5 Review

Reviewed another batch of TMNT season 3 episodes for Adventures in Poor Taste.

TMNT (1987) season 3 part 5 review.

In this selection of episodes, we get Casey Jones's funniest appearance, the introduction of throwaway love interest character Lotus Blossom, a clip show with an origin for the Foot Clan that would later get retconned by the same writer, a Rat King cameo, the return of the Punk Frogs and the first appearance of Cajun Leatherhead!  All that and a shit ton of those toyline vehicles and accessories that were introduced in earlier episodes for no reason finally serve a purpose.  Continuity?  Perhaps.

All in all, I think the second half of season 3 is already proving to be more interesting than the first half.


Deva Wolf said...

Hi, I just found your blog last week & I love it. I was a fan of the tmnt when I was a kid, but after the 80's show I didn't keep up with it. Now that it's making this "return" via Nick I'm trying to catch up on everything I missed. I wish I could get ahold of the original comics, but I'm thankful for finding your site!

Mark Pellegrini said...

@Deva Wolf,

Thanks! I appreciate any and all feedback.

Finding a lot of the older Mirage comics can be a pain, but if you don't have a problem with trades, IDW's recent collections are a pretty good start. While there are a few nitpicks I have wit them, they're the easiest and most affordable way to get ahold of those old stories, at any rate. The MSRP's a little nuts, but Amazon usually marks em down to a reasonable price.

Deva Wolf said...

I have a tmnt question for you, but I'd like to email it to you. What's your address?

Mark Pellegrini said...

@Deva Wolf

For reasons of spam, I won't type it here in the comments section, but if you click on my name it'll take you to my profile where my e-mail is public.

Anonymous said...

For the record Shibano Sama is still mentioned in Season 7's "Legend of Koji." I just watched that episode last week and I was surprised that Koji mentioned him as some sort of ninja master. They find the "shrine" of Shibano Sama in the episode before they fight a ninja sumo guy a little early into the episode. I am surprised David Wise remembered this given it was like 4 years later in real life between episodes.

Also no mention of Lotus seeming so similar to the 4kids interpetation of Karai? Its odd given Lotus pre-dates Karai as a character.

Mark Pellegrini said...


Hey! You're right about Shibano getting a mention in "Legend of Koji". While it's still a contradiction, it's at least refreshing to know David Wise had "Blast from the Past" in mind while writing "Legend of Koji" and didn't fully disavow Shibano's existence.

Good call.