Thursday, May 23, 2013

TMNT (1987) Season 3, Part 7 Review

Hoo boy.  A lot of shit in this batch of six episodes from season 3.  An Irma spotlight, two Zach the Fifth Turtle episodes in a row, a confused plot about Michelangelo turning human just so April can join a gang, a reminder that the Neutrino's still exist, and god damned Mister Ogg.

TMNT (1987) Season 3 Part 7 Review at Adventures in Poor Taste.

On the bright side, I'm almost done with season 3.  Just one more of these to go (and thankfully, the upcoming final batch of 5 episodes are almost all pretty good).


Anonymous said...

Indeed this was a weaker batch of Season 3 episodes. Considering this was towards the end of the season it seems like these were just rushed into the last minute to fill up the 65 episode total order. Although I do like "The Great Boldini" and "The Grybxx" myself, but I can understand why you didn't care for them. But this was crunch time.

They actually took their time on the last 5 episodes, as "Shredderville," "Bye Bye Fly" and "The Big Blowout" trilogy are all great.

Killer Moth said...

Indeed, Anonymous, or "before we have the good final episodes, we have to trudge through this bad batch." It can't be helped, unfortunately. And Michael Reaves makes up from the Grybxx episode with his writing Part 1 in the three part Season 3 finale.

(Like all character traits in this series, marvel the inconsistency of Rocksteady showing actual compassion for the Grybxx, even though, it would never happen again, I think.)

As for my comment, I will say that the one aspect "Gang's All Here" got right (the only one) would be Donatello's comment of the worst thing to become after eating the cookies: "Worse, we'd become human beings."

It does jive with the series' borderline anti-human tone. You addressed this in "Splinter No More," Mark, but save for April, Irma and the occasional character-of-the-day and/or minor recurring characters like Zach, the series is really critical of humanity in general. The authorities are usually utterly incompetent or outright antagonistic. (The Turtles' pilot in Shredder's Mom is a nice early exception, and I forget his name, at the moment. And the Red Sky seasons, to its credit, did moderate on the issue.) Furthermore, we don't need to mention Burne and his approach to the Turtles or journalism.

It doesn't excuse the episode by any means, as you rightfully observed its flaws, Mark, but I did want to point out the only thing it got right.

(And, I can't totally dump on the episode, if only for the mental images of Shredder apparently baking the cookies or Leo wanting to be in a rodeo. I'm easily amused.)

And much appreciated about raising the "what about the Season 1 gang" issue. And with the Missing Map episode, "does the Foot Clan itself actually matter anymore in the series," as the concept became rather superfluous beyond Season 1, unfortunately.

Still, one has to love the irony of Krang saying, "I don't care about the Foot Clan," even though, the Foot insignia is on his Technodrome.

More to say later, but good review, as usual, Mark. Can't wait for your wrap-up of Season 3.

"Was there no depth to which this cartoon wouldn’t sink?"

I have the feeling you'll be saying that a lot in Season 4-5, but it occasionally had its highlights, too. (Plan 6 From Outer Space would be one, as Bebop and Rocksteady as network execs was legitimately amusing, IMO.)

(And I agree with you and E. Wilson on AIPT about the Krang/Shredder relationship, as that has aged very well, especially when viewing the series as an adult. And I never realized how much Krang and his reactions would be a saving grace, either.)

Adam Winters said...

Your perseverance through this especially rough patch in the show's run is quite admirable, Mark!