Sunday, June 16, 2013

Awesome Turtle Picture #21

For this installment of Awesome Turtle Pictures, I thought I'd go spelunking into my bottomless Jim Lawson folder and emerge with a handful of some of my favorites.  For the record, most of these aren't from any comics or other publications, but are commissions Lawson has done over the years and posted on his old blog.  As such, perhaps you might not have seen them before.

Let's set the tone with Casey Jones... dressed like Boba Fett.

Here's one of Michelangelo and Leatherhead.

Fuck yeah.  The Rat King!

If you ask me, there just isn't enough Klunk art out there...

And we end on Venus de Milo.  Because Jim Lawson laughs at your tears.


E. Wilson said...

I've never seen TMNT: Next Mutation, and I don't have any plans on doing so, but I've always been curious: is the Venus hate due to her being a terribly written character in a terribly written show? Or is there some other behind-the-scenes thing going on?

Anonymous said...

Venus herself is a terrible character, but the Next Mutation was also a terrible show.

I often wonder if Venus would have been received differently if she showed up at the tail-end of the original cartoon. Perhaps if the original series got a Season 11 instead of ending, we might had seen Venus in the Fred Wolf toon?

At that point the writers were trying different things like Lord Dregg and the Turtles mutations and who knows.

Deacon Blues said...

My memory of it is that while, going by the standards of The Next Mutation, she wasn't THAT bad, it was a poor show and just... Not very well done. Plus her origin was stupid (she was in the bowl, but Splinter missed her, but she was found by a Chinese mystic Shinobi who taught her the mystical arts. Yes... The series makes a point of explaining that a Shinobi and a Ninja are very different things -_-). That being said... I don't believe in bad characters, just bad writers, and would love to see her in some form again, just to prove that anything can be salvaged, but a lot of big changes would need to happen, namely her origin, and the Shinobi thing... Maybe, if they wanted to keep the mystical thing, she could be a Chinese girl who can channel some kind of spirit turtle, instead of actually being one of the turtles... Hmmm... Maybe tie her in with The Warrior Dragon, Katmandu, and Al-Falqa from the Archie series (those last two never got real origins anyway, humans channeling spirit animals is as good as any)... This idea has potential! If only the Archie series were being continued :/

Chet said...

Mona Lisa from the Fred Wolf cartoon was supposed to be a female turtle, but I think Laird veto'd the idea, so she became a lizard.

April O'Neil was later mutated into a female turtle in an issue of TMNT Adventures. Future Raph at some point in the volume also talks about not being able to procreate due to the fact that the Turtles were the only ones in their species.

So the idea of a female turtle was always 'in the air', yet Venus de Milo was the first anthropomorphic turtle lead character to feature next to the Turtles themselves (if we exclude supporting characters like Slash, Tokka and other shell-carrying creatures across the TMNT multiverse).

The hatred towards Venus de Milo is, I guess, a combination of her arriving at a low-point in the franchise (especially artistically), a lame backstory, very bad writing and due to the fact that she derived the Turtles from their uniqueness.

The same could be said for Slash, yet he arrived at the height of the Ninja Turtles hype, had a great backstory in several continuities and he was a genuinely interesting character. Tokka wasn't that interesting, but he had a design that looked completely unique. Venus de Milo looks like a rather dull feminine version of Leo (even when drawn by Lawson).

So while the idea of a female Turtle may be interesting, it will always be difficult to turn her into an actual and interesting recurring character. But who knows what Eastman's new team may come up with. They even revived the Neutrinos to a certain level of success.

I always preferred Ninjara though. She'd do great in the new comics of cartoon.

slingtheory said...

My problem with venus was that in introducing her the show choose to remove the aspect of the turtles being brothers so as to make any potential relationship between her and one of them not be creepy. I tend to perfer my tmnt as a family unit

E. Wilson said...

Growing up on the Fred Wolf cartoon, the idea of the Turtles as brothers never settled in with me. I don't think they ever refer to each other as such in that show's decade-long run? When the 4Kids show premiered and they called themselves brothers, my legit response was, "Huh. Yeah, I guess they would be."

...I have no idea why the 87 show never used this idea.

Guille said...

I have to disagree with "Chet". Slash didn't have much of a background story on his first appareance, it was more the way he was introduce and the way the character was that was more powerful. Plus his design was -although pretty simple and naive (he is bad, so he wears black and has claws)- pretty cool. Then when he was reintroduced in the Mutanimals, the character developed further, until his heroic end. Tokka on the other side had a more creative and unique design but didn't have much development as a character. Again, his introduction was a powerful one (the TMNT 2 movie if i'm not mistaken). Maybe Venus (i've never watch Next Mutation) just didn't have any of these, intro, background story, design, character development-behaviour. Or maybe is just because she was a girl haha.