Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TMNT (Fred Wolf) Season 3, Part 8: Review

FINALLY.  I thought I'd never get to the end of that third season from the Fred Wolf TMNT cartoon.

Here's my review of the last 5 episodes from season 3 at Adventures in Poor Taste.

Credit where credit is due, the season ended on a relative high note.  "Bye, Bye, Fly" was a favorite of mine as a kid, "Shredderville" had a pretty good twist at the end, and while the third-part finale was all over the place in terms of quality, hell, at least it gave us the Technodrome mowing down skyscrapers.

Dunno if I'm going to dive into season 4 immediately or not.  Might branch out and try the Nickelodeon cartoon, since it's almost done with its first season.


Adam Winters said...

Most people find out that stuff you liked as a kid wasn't near as good as you remembered it being.

But it's nice to see that at least in your case, the TMNT cartoon wasn't quite as bad as you thought it would be. :-)

Anonymous said...

You're also forgetting that this completed the initial 65 episode order of the show, so the last episode had a "series finale" vibe to it, hence repeating stuff like Shredder/Splinter's final battle, Krang fighting the Turtles, or the Technodrome getting lost in Dimension X.

This could have very well been the final episode of the whole show, had TMNT's popularity not exploded after the initial order. The whole show could have ended right here and I still would have loved majority of it.

Considering most DC and Marvel cartoons don't go beyond the 65 episode mark, its quite surprising TMNT managed to go on nearly 4 times as long.

Pterobat said...

Yeah; only as an adult did I realize that the last part of season 3 reads like a series finale, between the 3-part climax and the apparent death of Baxter.

However, I'm not yet enough back in tune with the show to see whether the cartoon actually suffered a severe drop in quality when it was brought back. Certainly season 4 has some painful episodes, but some fun ones, too.

Much like this season.

The twist at the end of "Shredderville" was great, and a hilarious way to send up the cheesy "bad future" episodes that every cartoon seems to have, whose emotional impacts are usually lost on me (including SaiNW and Gargoyles' "Future Tense")

"Bye, Bye, Fly" always amuses me because the Muta-Zoo ray reminds me of the transmogrifier gun from early Calvin and Hobbes (and its dial is even somewhat like the transmogrifier box). Baxterfly is also a fun character, with the computer adding some bonus absurdity.

Anonymous said...

Outside of Season 1, you can't read judge the OT by quality of its "seasons."

Every season has a mix of excellent episodes, average episodes, and bad episodes. Season 4 has some of the best episodes of the entire series, but it also has quite a number of duds. So there was never any overall loss of quality of the show, its always been a mix of good and bad every season.

Oh and then there's the 13-ep Euro Vacation arc, which is technically part of Season 4, but Season 4 is ALREADY 39 episodes WITHOUT the Euro cruise arc (which makes that 13-ep arc seem like a season of its own),....yeah.... to hell with that European Vacation arc and damn who ever came up with it.

OK, we'll just say the European Vacation eps sucked and leave it at that. If there's any season worth hating of the OT, its that one.

Mark Pellegrini said...

I'm thinking I'll do the Nicktoon season 1 next (once season 1 wraps up in a few weeks).

But what concerns me about FW season 4 is more that the episodes were split up and distributed (in the US, anyway) across three different mediums: syndicated, Saturday mornings, USA Cartoon Express (the Euro eps).

Season 3 wasn't always in proper story order, but it was a pretty comprehensible arc with only a few gaffs. Season 4 is just a mess because all the episodes got divvied up (and in the US, those Euro eps got held off until season 7).

I'm doing the series reviews in proper episode number order, so I'm pretty sure season 4 is gonna be hard to get less due to quality (season 3 toughened me up) but more because of the jumbled up narrative chronology.

But I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Ioannes Paulus said...
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D. Glass said...

I always look forward to these reviews, and can't wait for your Season 4.

Anonymous said...

The nick show is a lot of fun ... Cant wait to read your reviews!

Anonymous said...

When I was a little girl I loved TMNT. Now I watch the NIck show with my little girl. Ah the circle of life