Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So what genre of music is this, anyway? Or is it just free verse poetry?

Tamed by success
The Turtles lost their savage edge
Greed is dead
It's a new breed
Carved from the streets
Concrete fists batter alien flesh
One.  On.  ONE.
As power joins forces with rage
Ripping through fear
And no one sheds a tear
For mutilated mutants
Giant warriors crushed by street-tough Turtles
Who have shed soft shells for a hard dose of reality
Konami's Tournament Fighters

Well holy shit, don't try to oversell it or anything.


Ioannes Paulus said...

Haha, I haven't seen this before.
Is it just me or is the sound actually useless on this youtube vid?

Mark Pellegrini said...

@Ioannes Paulus

Yeah, that audio is really low.

Here's a better version:


I'd have used that one in my post, but I can't get an embedded video to start at a certain time and not from the beginning.

Killer Moth said...

If they wanted edgy, they should have used Aska's Japanese sprite and her uncensored "ass attack" for footage. Alas, alas, alas.

Did Konami did any TV ads for the other TMNT games in 92-93? I do recall seeing the 91 Arcade Game NES port (it's on YouTube, natch), but otherwise..., time to search on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Truly the best thing about the tournament fighter games, aside from the fact that the NES and SNES versions were pretty good and fun Street Fighter clones, was the exposure to lesser known characters:

- NES version had Hothead as a playable character. Seriously, who the hell expected to see Hothead?

- SNES had Armaggon (only appearance outside of Archie), Wingnut, Chromedome and War.(And War is another obscure character)

- SNES had the first debut of Karai outside the Mirage comics. A lot of people forget it wasn't 4kids where Karai first was used out of Mirage, she originally made her debut in 1993 in Tournament Fighhters.

- Genesis version had Ray Fillet and a Triceraton as a boss.

Damn the rosters were unique.

Anonymous said...

Don't forgot that the Genesis version had Karai as a boss too.

Killer Moth said...

And Genesis had Krang's Android Body's as a Boss, which was awesome in itself, yet you were too busy eyeing the Technodrome level -- damn, that level was gorgeous-looking -- to notice, "oh, man, he kicked my ass... again." Though, the Super NES had its share of scenery porn, too.

As I recall, I think Super NES Tournament Fighters introduced the Super-Desperation move, which Street Fighter would later use..., I think. Fighting games aren't my strong suite, though, the Super NES Tour Fighter handles beautifully for beginnings (like me) or experts.

Adam said...

Moth Man,
It was actually the Genesis incarnation which introduced the secret (had to find the move list for them in the game magazines) Ultra-Desperation attacks. It was about the only time when that C button came in handy in that game.

Also, Genny was notable for April O'Neil's debut as a playable character, even if she was cosplaying as Sega's Blaze Fielding before we even knew what cosplay was.

Killer Moth said...

You got me there, Adam. I didn't play the Genesis version as much as I should have, so didn't know or forgot they also did the Ultra-Desperation attacks or introduced them. (Though, does it count if all three games were released at the same time? I have to check into their release dates.)

And, yes, April as Blaze. Or what "The Gang's All Here" should have been, except the episode was done several years before that. Whoops.

Ioannes Paulus said...

According to this post - assuming it can be trusted -, Genesis was first.