Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Awesome Turtle Picture #26

I've posted it before, but not as an Awesome Turtle Picture, so I'm postin' it again.
I don't think anything better sums up the Image Comics TMNT Volume 3 series than this advertisement, published in Bodycount #2 (April, 1996).


Mocking elements related to the cartoon series, promising that this series is "grown up", mild swearing, incentive to buy the comic as a collectable because it will most assuredly sell out quickly, Erik Larsen artwork...

All this thing needs is a can of Surge and a cross-promotion with the X Games and it'll be Terminally '90s.



Killer Moth said...

Gee, overcompensated much, Image? Heh.

Admittedly, that ad always bugged me as A) the 1987 series was almost on the way out, so it's like kicking someone when they're down and B) way to alienate a potential segment of your new audience. But whatever, right?

And thanks, Mark, now I'm thinking about Surge. And kicking myself for not having any when I had the chance.

Anonymous said...

The ironic thing is since this comic came out in 1997, most fans of the original toon were only like 12 or 13 at the time. (I know I was).

So in reality the kids of the original toon era weren't even grown up themselves yet...that wouldn't happen until the 2k3 cartoon. So this comic being advertised like it was for adults is amusing since we were still kids back in 1997!

Adam said...

Amazingly, that image would be about the only time we'd see all four turtles battle-ready and un-mutilated in the Image run.

MarkRodriguez09 said...

I suppose, it depends on just how old you were when the OT came out. I was already a teenager by 1997, and I don't know about grown-up, but I was more into shows that had actual fighting and not slapstick like the X-Men and Batman Animated series.

And well... considering that Raph loses his face in the first issue... the advertisement wasn't messing around!

Anonymous said...

After years I finally have the voice to say that FUCK YOU rant and it's hilarious.