Thursday, October 31, 2013

TMNT (1987) Season 4, Part 2 Review

Check out my review of TMNT (1987) Season 4, part 2 at Adventures in Poor Taste!

With this batch of 7 episodes, I knock out the last of the syndication era.  It's a pretty rough ride, with an inexplicable 2-parter about an alien Casio that defuses explosives, two episodes that would wind-up getting recycled wholesale in seasons 5 and 6 (and done better both times), and some other utter shit I'd like to forget.

The good news is that once season 4 transitions out of syndication and to CBS Saturday Mornings, it gets a whole lot better.  So I'm looking forward to getting to those, next.

And my review of TMNT (IDW) #27 should come around later today when I get off work (or, failing that, after I get back from my Halloween plans; so late tonight).


Anonymous said...

I always wondered if this batch of episodes felt like unused Season 3 scripts. If you ignore the location of the Technodrome, most of these felt like they could have fit in anytime during Season 3. My guess is some of these were unused scripts after the 65 episode order of the show were finished, so they quickly re-used them at the start of Season 4 simply to have new episodes on the air.

Whereas the regular Season 4 is when they started on all-new stories for a new season.

Keep in mind this is also 1990, the year the movie came out and when the franchise was at the height of its popularity in the 90's. The sheer mass of episodes being produced should account for that,.

Killer Moth said...

"I’m not saying increased violence actively improves the episode or anything, but actually that’s precisely what I’m saying, yeah."

It's not politically correct, but I did think the same thing, myself. And while we're at it, I can't imagine Krang would be allowed to basically threaten to blow up a city block publicly, post-9/11. And that was way before Season 8 actually did that. Times change, etc.

I don't know if you already know this, Mark, but I came upon this, recently:

Annoyingly, they don't list the fact the Turtles have had three animated series, so "which year are they talking about?" Judging from the general listing and the 87 series' popularity, I'm guessing it means the 87 series, but I couldn't say for certain.

Your Mileage May Vary on the list itself or the Turtles' placement, of course.