Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TMNT (2012) Season 1, Part 1 Review

I'm going to keep up with both the 2012 (Nick) and 1987 (Fred Wolf) TMNT cartoon reviews concurrently, switching back and forth between them.

So here's my review of the first 3 episodes of Nickelodeon's TMNT cartoon.

These reviews were going to be at the site Mind of the Geek, but they changed their format and decided to move away from TV series reviews, so my Nick TMNT cartoon articles will be up at Adventures in Poor Taste.

I only did the first 3 episodes in this initial batch because I wound up having a LOT to say and by the time I hit 5 Word pages, I knew it was time to wrap things up.  Future reviews will be a little brisker and cover more episodes.


Ioannes Paulus said...

Quite thorough review as always. :)

I also actually liked that they kept the well known background story very brief. This is the first time the Turtles' name choices are not even addressed. Everyone knows all of that already.

About the CGI animation: I'm also generally satisfied with it. They could have done one thing though: use some randomness in otherwise identical models. Every time I see a Kraang brain I can't help looking at the details - how all of them are exactly the same models including all the warts, wrinkles etc.

Chris Arndt said...

I'm of mixed feelings still.

Two VO guys and two live action actors, one of them is famous for playing for Notre Dame (you know what I mean) and I hate the Fighting Irish in every universe. Leonardo is famous for sticking his sword in a pie.

I typed that I need to wash my hands.

Anonymous said...

My only fear for this show is it eventually getting repetitive due to the "mutant of the week" formula. There were already a couple of fillers in Season 1 with this formula and Season 2 seems headed into more of the same territory.

Sure the original cartoon was entirely repetitive, but for some reason it got away with it because we just wanted to see Shredder/Krang come up with a new scheme every week to take over the Earth or repower the Technodrome....that and it was an 80's cartoon. But for a show made in 2012...it just doesn't feel right for a repetitve formuka.

I dunno, the Nick cartoon has a lot of potential and I hope it doesn't get bogged down by mutant of the week in the future.

Chris Arndt said...

The Fred Wolf show got away with it because it was 4 pm in the afternoon we just got home from school and too exhausted to notice.

And with that many episodes you get bludgeoned into thinking this was the best we were going to get.

That explanation almost touches all of it.

To finish us off we get the baseball allegory. There are a lot of games in a season. They are not that special and they don't have to be good, just sufficient.

With a weekly show we only get 13 to 20 episodes, much like we only get so many football games. Each one comes with a huge level of expectation, not to mention the previous six days of anticipation. If it sucks it sucks much worse.