Wednesday, February 19, 2014

TMNT III manga, Chapter 3 translated!

The Optical Internet Translation Gang were having some trouble with their URL, which wound up in the site shutting down and this chapter getting delayed for... a while.  But the TMNT manga translations are back on track!

TMNT III (Comic Bom Bom adaptation), Chapter 3.

Once again, you'll encounter some familiarity with the flow of the film's plot, but otherwise it takes the characters on a very different course.  It's fun, weird, stupid stuff.  I'm liking how the characters, so utterly bland in the movie, are much more animated in this version.  Especially Walker, though his dialogue is a bitch to translate (to illustrate how "foreign" he is, his dialogue will randomly switch from kanji/hiragana to big blocks of katakana which is disorienting and obnoxious to read).

So there you go!  I think this is the halfway point of the TMNT III adaptation and I'll try to get the rest translated quicker for those who have been waiting patiently for the project to get back on its feet.

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