Saturday, March 15, 2014

Awesome Turtle Picture #30

This one's qualifying as an Awesome Turtle Picture because 1) I like it, and 2) it was a cool surprise for me.

My buddy Bob went to a comic convention here in Little Rock at the Clear Channel Metroplex (which is decidedly less awesome than the Autobot Metroplex) and met artist Buster Moody.  Moody drew a fancomic I gushed about in the past, so it was an awesome surprise when Bob brought me back a print of the cover art:

I love how Michelangelo all on his lonesome is inexplicably wearing the "Space Cadet" outfit from the classic Playmates TMNT toyline.  Though wasn't it Raph who had the Space Cadet toy?  Aw, I don't know.  I never owned the variants, back then.

And if you're wondering about the crease in the middle, the piece was originally done in a sketchbook (no, my buddy didn't fold the print in half like some sort of barbarian).


Chet said...

There was only a 'Space Cadet' version of Raph, producer in 1990. In 1994, however, all Turtles received astronaut variants to commemorate the 25th anniversary of moon landing. They had very different designs, though, and were identical to each other (apart form their colours).

Also notable that it's Raph who's wearing a trenchcoat in the drawing, as the same variant series that spawned Raphael the Space Cadet also had Don the Undercover Turtle. Later on, there were also variants of all four Turtles in fabric trenchcoats (originally dubbed 'The Undercover Turtles).

Then again, all Turtles wore trenchcoats and astronaut outfits in various media, so screw it.

Ioannes Paulus said...

a bit off-topic, and you've probably already seen it, but

Chet said...

Hideously looking new designs. It's like the 'New Mutation' designs, but with hunchbacks.

Maybe the folks at IDW can make them look decent if there's going to be a comic book adaptation.

Ioannes Paulus said...

not only are they hideous, they're also totally out of proportion