Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Awesome Turtle Picture #31

In retrospect, this probably should've been Awesome Turtle Picture #30, but unfortunately I couldn't see into the future when I did that one.

So IDW's TMNT 30th Anniversary Special is still a few months away, but they've released a look at all 12 variant covers (because at IDW, it's ALWAYS 1994!).  There are some familiar faces in there, such as Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Chris Allan, Dario Brizuela and more.  But who takes the cake?

Ozzy Fernandez and Tony Kordos with their Heroes' Haven exclusive cover:

I'm a sucker for Playmates action figure goodness and this right here as about as good as it gets.

Well, that's not 100% true.  It lacks Pizzaface.  Though I think Fernandez and Kordos were limiting themselves to characters who appeared in the Fred Wolf cartoon, but using their Playmates character designs.  So I can excuse the omission of Pizzaface on that account.


snowkatt said...

bit bemused you made no comment over the eastman and laird cover

their first actual collaboration since tmnt v1 issue 50

which is noteworthy at the very least

Killer Moth said...

Alas, no Scumbug or Chrome Dome, either, who actually did appear in the Fred Wolf series. And yet, it's totally worth it, just for Slash and his purple gauntlets.

Apparently, the artists forgot about the Foot insignia on the Technodrome, or something? The omission is rather distracting, to be honest. Otherwise, it's pure FTW.

Anyway, Nick better do a Giant!Krang and Metalhead fight in Season 3, or I'll be very upset at them. Or sad, whichever.

Chet said...

I hate to be a stickler, but Shredder, Krang, Baxter, Casey, Foot Soldier and Rocksteady aren't actually based on their toy designs, but more so on their appearances in the Fred Wolf cartoon. The only notable character drawn in its toy design here, is Slash. Most of the other cartoon characters happen to look almost identical to their toy counterparts. :-)

MarkRodriguez09 said...


E. Wilson said...

I would buy that as a poster. But what would make it 20% cooler would be the inclusion of April and her trademark handgun.

Well, okay, trademark as in "featured on her toy packaging" handgun. As far as I recall, she never carried one elsewhere, probably because a woman constantly threatened by ninja, robots, mutants, and ninja robot mutants actually thinking to defend herself would just make too much sense.

Killer Moth said...

Is there a way to find that without the text? As that would make excellent wallpaper for my laptop.

And, indeed, E. Wilson, as Playmates had a nice clever bit with the handgun hidden inside her camera. I lost the original one, yet I did find a yellow replacement, recently, and I use that with my April figure. (Yes, if asked, I'm trying to find and rescue my old figures and storing them properly, or best I can.)

And then again, with the exception of April and Irma, I don't think I'd want my journalists to be so armed. Or not what passes for today's journalist. Talk about shooting the foot in your mouth. ;)

Anonymous said...

I almost didn't recognize Rahzar there, I thought that was Dreadmon or something. But then I saw Tokka right next to him and realized it was him.

I wonder where his design for Rahzar came from? All the others are based on the show/toy except for him.

Anonymous said...

I would say the Triceraton really doesn't look like his Playmates character design.

Anonymous said...

If only Chris Allan did a version of this ;-)

Anonymous said...

Why is Ace duck on the cover?