Thursday, April 10, 2014

TMNT (1987) Season 4, Part 6: Review

Alright, here's another batch of five episodes from season 4 of the Fred Wolf TMNT cartoon.  I'm one article away from being done with this season (and only about halfway through the series as a whole).

TMNT (1987) Season 4, Part 6 Review.

This was actually a surprisingly good collection of stories.  I say "surprising" because the three recurring villains introduced in this selection are all either bland, bland or bland.  Just some of the most forgettable bad guys the Turtles ever faced more than once (in fact, I think they're all two-hit wonders).  But the episodes are either really funny or shockingly well-animated in spite of the lousy antagonists.

We also finally get to "The Dimension X Story", which really should have been aired at the start of the Saturday morning run of the season.  Ah well.  Lava time.


Anonymous said...

To be fair multiple people have claimed to have seen "The Dimension X Story" air at the start of the Saturday morning run.

John Pannozzi said...

Hey, Mark, here's an idea. To ramp up excitement for the release of the new TMNT reboot movie, why don't you review the first four theatrical TMNT movies on AiPT, and just after that, review the comic adaptations of those movies and the 5 Prequel comics (that tie into the fourth film from 2007) here on TMNT Entity? I'd really like to see that.

Mark Pellegrini said...


Yeah, has it at the start of the season and Wikipedia has it near the end. Both guides are built from user generated data with no cited sources, so I can't really say one is more reliable than the other. I go with the Wiki one, personally, just because its episode order reflects the official episode order from the (original) Ninja guide.


That's exactly what I was planning to do, as a matter of fact. But that won't happen until the studio decides on an actual release date for the stupid thing.

Anonymous said...

For the record Big Louie reappears in Season 5. He's in the episode Napoleon Bonafrog returns and gets mutated into a "strong frog" and is under Shredder's control for a while.

Killer Moth said...

Maybe I misread things, I thought Krang wanted to detonate the volcano as the power and shockwaves from the explosion would "free" the Technodrome, or something. I can buy that logic, except the Technodrome's problem by then wasn't stuck, it was, as you said, Mark, totally damaged. But logic was never this series' strong point, depending on the season.

But it was worth it to have Krang scream, "Morons! I'm surrounded by morons!" And Shredder's fine line of "I got to get out of this boneheaded outfit."

And I think the Big Zipp Attack did reference this, as this episode was why Burne said he wouldn't let Vernon near a camera in that episode, or so I recall.

And Tempestra was fun in a Silver Age-esque over-powered way (plus her voice acting enhanced things), I can't say she was boring. Her powers and her being a total troll toward Leo (like with the nuclear sign-up switch) were perfect.

On that note, nice nods to the some of the creations that manifested in the Eye of Sarnath arc (like the electrical being and the red dragon), fitting they return with an episode featuring a reality warper. Or was it clever re-use of models? You decide.

And Big Cufflink Caper was all sorts of fun, though, some sources say this is the episode where Irma's surname, Langenstein, was finally mentioned. Except I've seen the episode repeatedly, and unless I misread things, I don't think that happened.

Might as well ask: was Irma's surname ever mentioned in the series? There are many episodes I haven't watched thoroughly or I skipped some scenes, so maybe it was mentioned in one of them?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what was up with all these Mad Scientists they created in Season 4, because this continues through Season 5 and 6 too.

Granted some of these mad scientists are very funny characters and work well for the story they're telling, but its odd that when they didn't do a Shredder/Krang ep, their only options were either mad scientists or gangsters. Or the Rat King/Baxter/Leatherhead options.

I guess the writers really didn't like most of those Playmates mutant characters, because they ignored most of them when they could have been in these episodes instead of mad scientists.

But then again is it really a big loss that there was no Monty Moose episode? Nah, I don't think so.

Rowerowe Fightthepower said...

I think its more laziness than not liking the Playmates stuff. If the writers wanted to be creative and bring their all then there are so many good ideas to be found in the toyline. Instead they just routinely thought up the most hackneyed cliche adventure story ideas they could half remember from reading comics in the fifties, which means boring interchangeable mad scientists and gangsters. You read a lot of Golden Age DC stuff you see the same thing.