Saturday, July 19, 2014

So what happened to the old images?

All images on the site from 2008 through 2010 got deleted.

I dunno how it happened.  I was cleaning out my Google+ image folder and somehow two years worth of TMNT Entity images, which I didn't intend to delete, got thrown out (and I emptied the trash, too, so there's no restoring them).

So I'm gonna have to go back and rescan and reupload them all for the site.  I guess some good will come of it, since those older images could not be enlarged (Blogger had image data size caps back then) and now I can add them to the articles in higher quality.

But still.  Pain in the ass.  And it also means reviews are gonna be taking a break until I can get this over with.  Boooo.


Encapuchadoman said...

Well, It's sad to hear that. I've been enjoying your articles for years now. I like to read your reviews after reading each issue and I specially love your continuity timeline, it really helps.

So, I wanted to say thank you for your great job and try to cheer you up with your images problem. Also, sorry for my english, I'm spanish.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just temporary?

Adam Winters said...

Bleh, sounds like quite a chore! Do let me know if you could use some help on the scans, assuming I have the needed issues on hand.

Now I'm curious if blogspot did something similar to my own page.

Mark Pellegrini said...


Thanks! I should still have all the raw material on hand; I never get rid of TMNT comics.

I think what happened was that I was deleting the categorized photos on Google+. I deleted a category for an old blog I deleted a while ago (PelleCreepy).

Well, SOME HOW, a chunk of TMNT Entity photos got categorized as PelleCreepy photos on Google+, so they went down with the ship. I'd have caught it before I emptied the trash on Google+, except my computer's image cache didn't show those old images as being gone until a day or two after the deed was done and there was no going back.

Annoying. I'll have to be very careful when deleting photos on Google+ again, since their auto categories sometimes mix images that should've belong there.

John Pannozzi said...

It's a shame you deleted PelleCreepy, as I really liked that blog.

I guess it will live on in your occasional horror-related reviews and articles at Adventures in Poor Taste, no?

John Pannozzi said...

I just noticed even some pictures from early 2011 are gone.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised, don't you have backups of this stuff? I hate seeing peoples hard work go to waste.

Adam Winters said...

Aw, dang, that is the first I'd heard that PelleCreepy was no more. I liked all those archives of classic monster movie reviews. Those actually helped build in interest in classic Universal Monsters.

Rue Turtlelover said...

WHOA O_O That's awful - and you worked so hard!! I sincerely wish you good luck in your efforts to restore all the images.

Bleugh that sounds like such a chore though. Isn't it times like these you wish you had Donnie running all your tech stuff? Haha <3


Anonymous said...

Wow. Do you even remember what are the old images were?

Anonymous said...

A lot of these missing images are saved on google. Put the url of the page with the missing images into google image search and they will come up.