Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yeah baby, it's happenin'!

A 4-issue Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters crossover miniseries has been announced.

Not only is it a practical way to kill two 30th Anniversary Celebrations with one miniseries,  but also the fulfillment of  many a childhood fantasy.

Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah.


Adam Winters said...

This does take away some of the sting of the Ghostbusters ongoing being cancelled.

But, man, there are so many Turtles books being put out every month! I don't remember the last month they've lacked a secondary mini-series in addition to their ongoing titles.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't come out till October, which is after the "Turtles in Time" series will be over.

I'm not sure why you're surprised, there's always going to be a secondary Turtle series going on in addition to the main ongoing. Between the 16 micros, Secret History of the Foot Clan, Utrom Empire, Turtles in Time, the two Annuals, Infestation/X-files specials, and now this Ghostbuster one...IDW has always had secondary releases going with the main ongoing.

I see all these specials/mini's/micros as basically IDW's "Tales of the TMNT."

Adam Winters said...

I think I'm more surprised that just about every Turtles series IDW has done thus far has actually been high quality and has even advanced and deepened the narrative of the main book without distracting from its ongoing storyline.

I remember when any TMNT book was a hard sell in the comics market, so it's great to see the TMNT name with so many titles on the shelves every month.

Mark Rodriguez said...

Ghostbusters was cancelled???

Chelsea aka Rue said...

Mr. Pellegrini! Would it be inappropriate if I asked you to mentor me in the way of comic books?!? The TMNT mean a lot to me and growing up I have followed every screen adaption (yes, lord, even The Next Mutation - don't judge me I was in kindergarten!) but I have always wished to try and read the comics. However, I have never picked up a comic in my entire life and to be honest I really don't get how they work in terms of order, continuity, what's canon to what, etc. I have been reading through your website but a lot of questions come up that are kind of more basic things that I just don't understand about comics and their collecting so that makes the massive universe of TMNT comics that much more confusing to me. Would it be completely inappropriate to ask if it was OK if I shoot you some questions sometime? :) Ah, I've never attempted to reach out to the TMNT community before... I always feared I'd be looked at as some kind of uninformed hypocrite since I hadn't read the comics yet. I've browsed the Technodrome and such but I'm really a perpetual lurker. I feel weird contacting you haha. I hope this is OK.

Thanks for reading my silly request,

ps. I feel obligated to inform you that you are super cute, in case you didn't know, my goodness <3.

Anonymous said...

^ You're better off creating an account on thetechnodrome forums, all the major TMNT fans are there and Mark posts there regularly.

You can get a lot more help if you go to the forums and people will point you in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

^I dunno... Mark is kind of the TMNT comic guru and he's a much easier, faster resource.

Anonymous said...

No it's much easier to go to the forums where people can post their thoughts. Also more than one person can respond.

Also Mark has been hit on, we take care of our own.

Chelsea aka Rue said...

The Technodrome seems more intimidating then talking to just one person-!! I guess I could always feel things out.

Oh, and I'm sorry, does Mark not like being hit on?? I didn't mean any offense. ^^ I saw that he was cute and just called it like I saw it. I always thought that people were flattered to get hit on but I really wouldn't know as no one has ever hit on me before. My apologies, I didn't mean to be rude.

Mark Pellegrini said...

I've no problem answering TMNT-related questions! I'm always open to helping people if it's within my capacity.

The Technodrome is a great resource, though (which is why I post there!) and having a small army of fans ready to answer questions usually means you get a response that's both accurate and fast. I can understand being intimidated to ask "noob" questions on an open forum (we've all been there), but the Technodrome folk are pretty courteous save for maybe a couple jerks (but they're easy to ignore).

Here's a thread for just such emergencies where posters regularly help out newcomers (and even myself, as believe it or not there are lots of TMNT things even I don't know):


But if you have a short list of general questions, Chelsea, feel free to post them in the comments here at TMNT Entity. I can't always get to comments ASAP, but I'll try to work fast.

Take it easy!

Guille said...

You could also check the timelines Mark has made here at TMNT Entity if you're looking for a continuity-read. But you should be fine also reading a complete volume and then going to the next. For example, reading Mirage's Vol 1 (although at mid point, you should read Tales vol 1) and then moving on to Volume 2, etc. Anyway, there's a LOT to catch up, so it's gonna take you some time and maybe you'll have to read an issue twice. It's quite a ride, you'll enjoy it for sure. Good luck!