Wednesday, December 17, 2014

TMNT III, Manga Adaptation: Chapter 4 translated!

Bet you thought I forgot about translating the rest of the Japanese manga adaptation of the third TMNT live action movie, huh?

Well, actually, yeah.  I sorta did.  But thanks to some prodding from Cryomancer and the talented folks at the Optical Internet Translation Gang, I finished up Chapter 4!

You can download TMNT III, Chapter 4: "Infiltration! Castle Norinaga!!!" in a nice .CBR over at the OITG site!

This chapter is pretty much 100% original material and is the point where the manga and movie go their separate ways.  It sees the TMNT negotiate a subterranean labyrinth while doing battle with manga-original villains Iron and Silver.  Meanwhile, April and the villagers keep Walker distracted by putting on a faux magic act.

It's some weeeiiirrrddd stuff, but I had fun translating it.  I'll try and get Chapters 5 and 6 done early next year to complete the whole adaptation.


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guille said...

excellent! thanks, mark!