Friday, December 26, 2014

TMNT Magazine (Welsh) #12

Publication date: Spring, 1993

Turtle Tips:

*This issue was preceded by TMNT Magazine (Welsh) #11.  The next and final issue is TMNT Magazine (Welsh) #13.

*This special issue contained only behind the scenes content regarding the "TMNT III" feature film.  It contained no comics.

*This issue was published with 2 variant covers: A lenticular "3-D" photo cover and a movie poster cover.


Nothing to review, here.  Though thanks to for the movie poster cover scan.


Anonymous said...

What about these two issues?

Mark Pellegrini said...


The Secret of the Ooze issue isn't part of the numbered series, so I was going to cover that one last, after #13. It has no comics either.

The second issue you linked is #8, which I've already reviewed.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I didn't see #8 because you mislabeled it.

Adam said...

It might be worth noting that the photo cover is actually lenticular. Some magazine solicits actually tried to advertise it as a "3D cover," but it does look kinda cool to the naked eye.

Mark Pellegrini said...


#8 is mislabeled?

@Adam Winters

Thanks! I'll update the info.

Anonymous said...

Can you delete the duplicate posts. I think something went wrong when I hit submit.

Mark Pellegrini said...



Looking at the Technodrome cover archive, I see what you mean, but they're the ones who actually have the issues out of order. The indicia on the inside cover numbers them sequentially and that's the order I'm using. The TMNT II movie issue is not numbered but is considered a "special" (whereas the TMNT III movie issue is numbered and considered a "regular" issue).

Since the Movie II issue came out in 1991 I can plug it in among the '91 issues of the Magazine in the index, though.

Adam said...

Regarding the issue order, I have all but the first issue on hand, so I'm fairly confident this is the release order:

#1 Summer 1990
#2 Fall 1990
#3 Winter 1991
#4 Spring 1991
#5 Summer 1991
#6 Fall 1991
#7 Winter 1992
#8 Spring 1992
#9 Summer 1992
#10 Fall 1992
#11 Winter 1993
#12 Spring 1993 (3rd Movie issue; two variant cover exists)
#13 Summer 1993

The Secret of the Ooze issue was published by Welsh Group as "the official souvenir movie magazine" without a number or a quarterly date.

The reason the Technodrome page lists them all out of order is because the images got sorted by filename logic, and I submitted the files with names that don't fall into strict alphabetical/chronological order.