Wednesday, April 1, 2015

At least one of you has to like Puppet Master

Today over at AIPT I review the first issue of the new Puppet Master comic book.  Yes Puppet Master.  Based on those straight-to-video horror films from the '90s.

I make no apologies.  I've seen all 11 of those films.  The comic's kinda eh, but it's still better than the past, uh, 7 installments in the franchise.

No TMNT new releases this week, so I'll dig up something old to review this weekend.  I'm still plugging away at those Mirage TMNT Volume 4 issues.


Rowerowe Fightthepower said...

There's always Fred Wolf TMNT episodes! Which is more repetitive and draining - the 80s cartoon or Volume 4 lol?

SandyRavage said...

Only seen the first 3 but loved the first one when I was younger. Great flick

guille said...

wow, you should review tales vol 2 #27, is the only issue left from that volume! although is a totally forgettable april story? i don't even remember reading that :S
you can do it, mark!

Mark Pellegrini said...


Since that issue is embedded in the narrative of TMNT Vol. 4, I plan to do it in sequence with the rest of that series.

guille said...

oh, yeah. I remember you saying something about that. We'll have to be patience then, no problem!

Anonymous said...

@first post, the original cartoon is far more entertaining than Volume 4 as a whole. Even the "bad" episodes of the OT at least have something to laugh at or a ridiculous moment of amusement, whereas a "bad" Mirage issue is just that....bad. And boring.

Say what you will about the 80's cartoon, but it was never boring for very long.