Sunday, May 24, 2015

Poltergeist (2015) Review at AIPT

I made the time to go see the Poltergeist remake today.

Here's my full review over at AIPT.

Ultimately, it follows the original's story beat for beat, so of course you can predict everything before it happens.  They change up some of the details in visually interesting ways, I just wish they'd strayed from the original's path even more.

Pretty average, all thing's considered.

As for TMNT stuff, I'm currently working on a really big article that's taking me longer to write than I thought it would.  Hopefully I'll have it ready to go sometime next week.


snowkatt said...

so in otherwords its a repeat of the nightmare on elmstreet remake

a "revamp" thats too timid to go its own way and just slavishly follows the highlights of the originals

a best of in a new jacket if you will

lot of horror movies these days are like that
the two halloween remakes were like that

and friday the 13th remake was also a mish mash of "highlights"

evil dead 2013 went its own direction though and i could believe that this was yet another incident with that book in that cabin and that the first evil dead was far from the first or the last incident there

the beginning of the movie alluded to something like that

the amount of violence and damage inflicted on eric was over the top though
and went from disturbing to over the top darkly humorous

how much more damage can one person stand ?
the movie seemed to have it in for him

anyway wonder what horror movie will be remade next

christine ?

Mark Pellegrini said...
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Anonymous said...

Any hint of what that TMNT article will be about?

Anonymous said...

Big article, huh?

Ooooh, I hope its that one about Slash.

Anonymous said...

Its taking you a lot longer to finish reviewing those 2007 movie prequel comics than you thought, huh?

Mike B. said...

I hope the article is about why Tora from the NES port of the arcade game isn't included in the IDW books yet.

Thomas Watson said...

I always thought the original Poltergeist itself was a remake (or rewrite... or ripoff) of an old Twilight Zone episode called Little Girl Lost, where a little girl falls under her bed and ends up in some unseen alternate dimension.