Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wacky Races Forever: The 2006 Series Revival Pilot (Review)

This week's animation review at AIPT gets a little obscure (even by my standards).

In 2006, Cartoon Network pitched a revival of Hanna-Barbera classic Wacky Races, titled "Wacky Races Forever".

The pilot attempted to blend Western and Japanese aesthetics (banking on Japan's inexplicable affection for Wacky Races), but it didn't go anywhere.

Never-the-less, it showed some potential, even if I didn't care much for Jim Cummings as Dick Dastardly (he's just using his Darkwing Duck voice).

No new TMNT comics this week, except maybe the TMNT/Ghostbusters #1 Director's Cut (but that might not be coming out tomorrow).  I'll just keep plugging away at those TMNT Movie Prequel comics this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wacky Races premiered in 1968, not 1965.

Chris Arndt said...

Jim Cummings' Dick Dastardly is way off.

Michael Bell is close enough but not spot on