Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Terrible Live-Action TMNT Video Specials

This is the big article I've been suffering my way through writing for the past few weeks.  I had to sit through 4+ hours of brutally awful TMNT videos in order to complete this thing.  I challenge you to make it past 4 minutes.

5 Terrible Live-Action TMNT Video Specials at AIPT.

This was... uuuugggghhhhh.  There's no other word for it.  Just uuuuggghhhh.


The music video specials were bad enough, but the stage shows?  God, no.

So I hope you enjoy reading my article, because I sure as hell didn't enjoy researching it.


Anonymous said...

You forgot TMNT at the Disney MGM studios. You must rewrite your article.Lol no it's a joke.

Killer Moth said...

I forget if Coming Out of Our Shells came here to where I live (Pittsburgh), but whatever the case was, I didn't see it. But I'm okay with that, after seeing those kids in the Oprah video... that would have killed things for me, for sure. Speaking as someone who was very much alive during the original Turtlemania, and how it will never be again.

Anyone know who was April's actress in the first video? I thought the YouTube comments themselves would help, but no.

snowkatt said...

i have a perfectly good excuse for avoiding all of these !
especially the coming out of their shells tour

i dont live in the usa and to my knowledge all of this was never released on vhs where i live

so we dodged a bullet there !

Anonymous said...

Ugh, some painful memories...

Also, can't way to see you tear into the Casey and April mini. That thing nearly put me to sleep.

Mike B. said...

I have a vivid image in my mind of the performers back stage before any of these. The first TMNT movie is playing on a tv back there, and the performer is looking at the costumes in the movie, then back at his own mask, then back to the tv, back to his own mask, and lets out a sigh. Those costumes are pretty awful.

BulletTooth504 said...

I wonder if it was an inside job. Somebody secretly working for some other group *coughcoughSabancough* that had an interest in destroying Turtle Mania in order to advance their own shitty brand of children's entertainment. This scumbag could've been feeding bad information to the powers-that-be to convince them that all this live-action crap was a good idea.

Guille said...

I remember being 4 years old and wanting to see the Coming Out of their Shells show, but it never happened, i guess it was expensive or maybe my parents realized the pile of crap it was.
Anyhow, if you finally want to give a seizure to your brain, you can watch the whole thing again... IN SPANISH! yeeaaaaay!

PD: You should check out the trailer for the upcoming movie "Exterminaitors 3" with a rip-off to Terminator and the best of all, the Ninja Cricket. Awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

The live action specials, the Bay film, the Fred Wolf cartoon...I'd ask for a review of the beautiful 1990 film, but I'm a little scared in case you don't hold it in anything other than a super high regard.