Saturday, June 13, 2015

I swear to god

I'm going to watch these awful TMNT videos this weekend and be done with this article.

I thought it would be fun to write, but the research has been murder.


arw1985 said...

Eah! Is that roadkill? Oh, it's just Splinter... and I thought Tmnt 3's Splinter was bad! Good luck!

snowkatt said... god what is that ?!

i thought it was some sort of hideous undead vampire rat monster
from japanese folklore or something

instead its a nightmare inducing splinter puppet

..that thing will haunt me in my sleep

as for me i have been watching season 3 of the 87 tmnt series
im ready to slit my wrists

Mike B. said...

This is from Next Mutation, right? I've been thinking lately about what kind of salvageable ideas can be found in that show, because as you've said before, there are no bad characters; there are only bad writers. Venus can have redemption, too? Can't she?? Oh God, we've gone to a dark place here.

Adam Winters said...

Makes me think of that weird Korean space video with Halloween costumes resembling the TMNT, but I can't remember if there's a Splinter-like character in that one.

Mark Rodriguez said...

I was actually reviewing the 5-part opener... but after ep 3 I just needed a break... Maybe I'll finish it sometime soon.