Friday, July 10, 2015

The TMNT are crossing over with Batman in a new IDW miniseries

Well, it looks like IDW is trying to top crossing the Ninja Turtles over with the Ghostbusters.  Because now they're about to meet Batman.

At this point, IDW is just playing with action figures and writing things down as they go along.  Nothin' wrong with that.


Anonymous said...

Finally, my childhood fantasies from 1992 are about to come true! Who didn't mix their Batman action figures with TMNT figures as a kid? I had Batman fighting Shredder and the Turtles taking down the Joker since I was 7!

BulletTooth504 said...

It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!

Chris Arndt said...

The good news is I imagined Batman meeting the Turtles since the Wolf series. Because i was a kid then.

The bad news is... it probably won't have all the neat stuff I imagined when I rewrote this in my head last year.

You know, the Foot versus the League of Assassins. The Shredder and the Batman in total unarmed combat. Splinter versus the Sensei.

Etc etc