Friday, November 27, 2015

TMNT Season 7, Part 3

With the European Vacation episodes out of the way, I can get started on the "proper" seventh season of the Fred Wolf produced TMNT cartoon.

TMNT Season 7, Part 3 review at AIPT.

Actually, the "real" season 7 of TMNT is full of great episodes.  It's a last hurrah for the classic look and feel for the series (before the "red sky" era) and most of the recurring villains and allies get to make some last appearances this season.

In this batch of episodes, we get the Neutrinos, the Triceratons, a handful of the show's best guest villains (Rat King!  Leatherhead!  Slash!), and Casey Mother Fuckin' Jones!  There are other highlights, too, including the origin of the Foot Clan and a pretty decent, and rare, "dramatic" episode.

Things are lookin' up!


Killer Moth said...

Of all the wishes I could have had when I was younger, it would be if James Avery went back and re-dubbed the Season 7 episodes he missed (or at least return to do Shredder Triumphant) and wrapped up his most iconic animation role that way. While that will never happen for obvious reasons, I console myself with Legend of Koji serving as a decent sendoff to Avery, especially the scheme was just all Shredder -- no Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady, nothing save for Foot Soldiers guarding the time machine. Just him, and what a difference it made.

And even if Convicts and Black Heart had their flaws, as pointed out, I still mostly enjoyed them. The former was due to Skarg and Dementor being decent enough threats -- and I love the helicopter tank -- and Black Heart for Brian Tochi's performance as Yoku and one of the few times the Turtles intentionally kept April in the dark about everything (and while it being Avery's final episode, we won't talk about that). The attempt at backstory would have been nice, if it was addressed earlier in the series rather than so late and 'remember when Master Splinter trained that young kid some time ago, but we don't talk about that'. Foreshadowing is something this series didn't do too well, alas.

As for Night of the Rogues, it was nice, among other things, to see Raph's general cynicism toward humanity be fully addressed (which would be played to the full with next season's H.A.V.O.C. arc). It was always there in the early seasons, though, I don't recall the characters actively discussing it until Rogues.

While I wasn't crazy with the "Remember the New Guy" tactic Wise used for Scumbug and Antrax, they were still memorable in their way (Antrax wanting to destroy national park statues because he "hates fine art" and after watching the "G-Force: Guardians of Space" dub, connecting how Jan Rabson voiced a bit Galactor henchman that sounded exactly like Scumbug and after listening to his Computor or dubbed Sosai X voice, I'm beyond excited hearing the voice again via Chrome Dome -- it's really noticeable toward the second half of the episode, as Rabson's voice sounds more modulated in the first half).

As for Night of Dark Turtle, I always found it fascinating how the Triceratons basically used Krang's endgame in the Season 3 finale: transport the Earth to another dimension. Except done with a fraction of the time and effort. And how Krang didn't know about it, which I always found odd, given the Technodrome's weird surveillance ability whenever the plot demands for it. Think he'd know when a large dimensional portal was about to engulf the Earth. Oh, well, he was just too fixated about his micro-blaster? Too bad, as the plot potential with the Turtles teaming up with Shredder and Krang to defeat the Triceratons would have been awesome to see.

Great reviews, as usual, and can't wait for the next batch.

Anonymous said...

David Wise did try to bring back almost the entire old recurring cast of heroes and villains for one final appearance this season. If you notice all the previous recurring villains get one last hurrah, as well as some of their allies. I sometimes wonder if they knew from the start Season 7 would be a huge final season of sorts to the show.

David Wise writing almost all the episodes this season gives me the impression too. It really makes you wonder how the entire series would be if David Wise got complete creative control over the series. Imagine if the whole show was like Season 1 or Season 7, two of the best ones? It just proves that when the original cartoon was good, it was actually really good and fun.

I think this is how people like to remember the 80's cartoon, we sort of block out the weaker/crappier episodes and focus on the really good episodes. Good run of episodes.

Anonymous said...

The turtles didn't travel back in time to feudal Japan in the 4kids cartoon. They just ended up stuck in a virtual reality simulation of feudal Japan. And usagi's world but that was an alternate dimension. And modern day Japan which was merely displayed to be similar to feudal Japan in season 4 and 5.

Anonymous said...

had no idea there was another TMNT character called Drako what a small world