Sunday, December 13, 2015

Krampus (2015) review at AIPT

Went to see Michael Dougherty's holiday horror flick "Krampus" last week and loved it.

Here's my review over at AIPT.

Despite the dark and serious marketing, it's actually a family-oriented horror film, appropriate for the older kids.  That's not a knock against it, as it's still really enjoyable.  The abundance of practical effects over CGI was a major selling point for me, too, and all the monsters look great.

On the TMNT front, I've got another review of the 1987 cartoon coming next week.  Also have TMNT Amazing Adventures #5 to review my way through (it came out last Wednesday but haven't been able to get to it yet).

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Snowkatt said...

Krampus isn't exactly an anti or evil, Santa Claus but more an evil Saint Nicholas, who is a tradition in certain parts of West Europe. ( The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland. )
And saint Nicholas and Father Christmas kind of got rolled in to one for the USA.

Anyway I always felt that the name Krampus sounded more like cramps and the name doesn't really fit the character.

Here he looks more like something that just stepped out of World Of Warcraft

And this one looks like he wants to devour your face.

The name Krampus, at least as far as I am concerned doesn't really seem to fit
it seems to belong more to an harmless prankster imp then a horned needle toothed monster