Thursday, January 7, 2016

TMNT (1987) Season 9 review at AIPT

That's right!  It's time for Lord Dregg!  Carter!  Unstable mutations!  Ronnie Rist!

Ronnie Rist?

Here's my review of TMNT (1987) Season 9 over at AIPT, the first of the Lord Dregg seasons.

That just leaves one more season to go and then I'll be finished with the original Fred Wolf cartoon.  I kinda don't want the ride to end.

Because then I'm going to have to review The Next Mutation.  Oh god.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, does this mean you're gonna eventually review the 4kids show too?

Snowkatt said...

Well, look on the bright side.
The Next Mutation is mercifully only one season and followed by the 2003 and 2012 series.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting points:

1. I believe Jeffery Scott who wrote Season 10 asked for help from David Wise on the direction to take the show. I don't know if there's any proof of this online anymore, but I remember reading somewhere David Wise "ghostwrote" Season 10. Once you watch the Season 10 eps, and especially the Shredder/Krang eps and the finale....they feel exactly like David Wise episodes. Considering Jeffery Scott never wrote for the show before, its also rather interesting Season 10 feels so similar to David Wise's stuff and all the characters act the same and aren't out of character. I think Wise still had some handling in the end.

2. Be glad Raph's replacement voice in Season 10 is actually pretty good, and not the voice they used for the European Vacation eps or the two Season 3 eps. The Season 10 Raph voice is the one I wish we had in those older episodes.

3. Lord Dregg obviously left some kind of impression for the Nick cartoon to revive his character and make him one of the lead villains of Season 4, complete with him debuting in the Season 4 opener.

Anonymous said...

After you finish your Season 10 review, maybe you should do one last article on the original cartoon as a whole and think back over all 10 seasons and everything the show did, like the highs and lows.

Reading through your reviews it seems like you actually enjoyed rewatching the cartoon a lot more than you were expecting to. Looking back at some of your first original toon articles you were dreading the idea of watching the rest of the show when you first started, but it seems like it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.

The original cartoon, for all its flaws, is still a really entertaining cartoon. It says a lot so many adults can still go back and watch it after all these years. Its like one of those shows where when you think about it, it *should* be bad and unwatchable, but when you actually sit through it you're oddly entertained.

Killer Moth said...

To go on the Season 10 Wise issue that the 1st anon asked, I finally found that 2007 interview I partially referenced in the Season 8 review (the Season 10 writing is addressed at 1:07):

I'll do my usual commentary later, as I don't have time, at the moment.

Snowkatt said...

To the second anon.
I would disagree recently I watched the whole of season 3 and I hated every second off it.
I wasn't entertained. Half the time I hated what was going on, onscreen, the other half I had to force my self not to fast forward the damn episode to end it.

I just don't like "humor and comedy" in my animated series. Especially not as bad and forced at this "humor".
And I loath comedic villians.

The antagonists should be intimidating and terrifying, they should be a credible threat. Not a bunch of imbeciles that can't even steal a bag of strawberries from a grocer, that keeps it's wares outside.

Hated "humor " in my animated series and "comedic" villians as a kid and I still hate them now.

I lean more to the 2003 and 2012 series, which also have humor but not non stop forced unfunny humor and idiot antagonists all the time such, as the 87 series.

Anonymous said...

^ Sounds to me like you just don't like comedic shows. Not all shows have to be serious with "badass" villains. Why would you want every show to be the same?

The original cartoon was never meant to be a serious series, even in the first season. The show was almost a self-aware parody. Its like going to see a comedy movie in theaters and complaining its not "serious enough."

You're basically complaining a genre for a show isn't what you want it to be, and that's not the fault of the show itself. There are no "rules" for how a cartoon has to be.

Chris Arndt said...

I think there's a valid complaint that tickle mobsters are a waste of time when there are pizza monsters and mutants on the Shelf that could be used

Anonymous said...

The Nick cartoon introduces a new mutant in almost every single episode, and a lot of people are starting to get sick of it. Its a, "damned if you do, damned if you don't" type of situation.

Some people hate the idea of endless new mutants introduced every episode. If the original cartoon really was like that, I honestly wonder how different it would be.

Is anyone really mourning the loss of an episode for Monty Moose, Half Court, or Hot Spot the dalmation fireman dog mutant? I don't think so.

If anything the Nick cartoon should also slow down on the "mutant of the week" concept which they've been overusing in Seasons 2 and 3.

Chris Arndt said...

Well that demonstrates a lack if understanding of opportunity cost.

How many stupid mad scientists did we get?

Because I wanted Ace Duck

Snowkatt said...

At anon2 ( or 3 )
Who exactly says I want all series to be the same ?
There are loads of series that are serious and still go their own way. Just because they don't have humor doesn't mean they are cut from, from the same cloth wholesale.
TMNT 2012 strikes a balance between the two. The turtles act like actual teenagers, there is actual humor in the stories, but the antagonists are not bumbling odious comedic relief villians and it's serious when it needs to be.

And I already made it clear I don't enjoy "comedy" action adventure cartoons.
That's hardly accusing a series for something that it's not. It's my particular taste in the matter.
I never liked those kind of cartoons as a kid and I don't like them now either

Anonymous said...

So then Snowkatt that's exactly my point, you don't like comedy action cartoons. How is that a fault of the show itself? Fair enough, people enjoy different genre's.

Also villains being bumbling comic relief or being competent means little if the Turtles just easily beat the villains either way. Aside from Shredder, the Nick Turtles can easily take down every mutant villain now, even ones that were originally tough like Tiger Claw, Rahzar, etc.

Superhero shows are designed in a way where villains are always canon fodder for the heroes no matter how "competent" they appear anyway. This is why Batman can beat Bane easily every time they fight despite the first time when Bane breaks Batman's back.

David Kellner said...

This reminded me once again how bad TMNT cartoon was after season one.
Mark somehow speaks episodes "up" as in they don't really suck THAT much (at least that's how it felt reading these articles and seeing those crope stills). But Season One really had a nice quality and if the series would have kept that it would be now much more watchable as a whole.
It's a classic Ninja Turtles curse. Great beginnings and then mosty downward spirals.

Anonymous said...

The OT did lose a sense of darkness after Season 1 ended, and the villains were a lot more competent, but then again it was designed as a mini-series. Also the overly conservative Christian parents and Soccer Moms of the 80's complained the show was getting too violent (which by today's standards is laughable), so its easy to see why they went the slapstick comedy route.

I seriously can't think of any cartoon pre-B:TAS that is still as action oriented as the original toon was for its time. What was there back then, Superfriends where the characters weren't allowed to punch each other on-screen, or the old 80's He-man and Transformers? The awful 80's Spiderman cartoons? Its easy to forget the bulk of the original TMNT cartoon aired before B:TAS changed everything in 1992, and as seen with Seasons 7-10...the show started a return to action from 1993 onward when they noticed this.

I mean we're talking about a show that's over 25 years old now. Standards were different back then. Serialized storytelling in kids shows was unheard of back then. You need to analyze shows in the time period they were made. I mean this is all common sense.

David Kellner said...

Of course you are right about that bad influence of the "Soccer Mom", it still is a big issue for current products, wasn't so much though for the actual comics.
And if I enjoy the final product or not is not so much connected to the Soccer Mom. If anything she is to be blamed, nothing else.

And that old Spiderman show is great for modern memes!

Anonymous said...

Soccer Moms and Christian parents ruin kids shows every generation. TMNT, Power Rangers, Pokemon, DBZ, Harry Potter, etc. Everytime a damn kids franchises get popular they outcry against it because its a bad influence to, "Little Timmy."

They seriously thought Pokemon of all shows was the devil and that "Little Timmy" should not be watching it. The weird thing is the Soccer Moms of the 90's and 2000's aren't the same ones as the ones from the 80' you have to wonder where the hell these people keep coming from. You would think our generation is more exposed to cartoons/anime/movies than our parents. There have been a lot of "Little Timmy's" throughout the years after all.

That being said, I still think the original TMNT cartoon got away with a lot more than other "superhero" shows at the time. No matter how repetitive the plots were, there was always *something* in the episodes that stood out for one reason or another. Some weird scene in the episode, funny dialogue, the way you got from point A to point B. Its hard to describe. Then again I'm someone who can watch the show just for the background music and voice acting alone.

Anonymous said...

Funny, there haven't been as many nutjob Christians attacking kids' media in the last 15 years or so. Harry Potter was really the last thing targeted by these far-right-wingers.

Anonymous said...

Has there been any big kids franchise since Harry Potter? I can't think of anything, I think nowadays kids gravitate toward stuff like the Marvel Avengers movies and Star Wars. Or anime.

I think kids franchises don't really explode in popularity anymore due to kids having ipad's and iphones and being distracted by social media now and so forth. Back in the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's all kids had to focus on the same shows because there was less going on back then...less internet of course.

I certainly don't think there's been anything on the level of 80's TMNT, Power Rangers, Pokemon, DBZ, or Harry Potter since...unless you count Spongebob but even that is 15 years old now.