Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stealth edits!

Because that's how a ninja edits his comic book blog.

Anyway, some changes here and there I've made to older articles:

After being made aware of some excellent points, I reevaluated season 2 in my TMNT (1987) Viewing Order and rearranged it.  You know, just in case this sort of thing keeps you up at night.  Added a bunch of notes to the bottom of the article, too.

Also, I was never satisfied with my IDW Chronological Order in regards to it working as an intuitive Reading Order.  So I added notes to certain sections indicating what the best reading order for jumbled up miniseries/ongoing arcs is.  Because "Utrom Empire" may take place all throughout "Northampton", but you wouldn't want to read it that way.

And there ya go.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, whatever happened to your Nick cartoon episode reviews? From memory I think you reviewed the first 10 or so episodes of Season 1, and then just stopped. That was quite a while ago too. Did you just decide to hold off on reviewing the Nick cartoon for a while?

Adam said...

Hmm... The Case of the Killer Pizzas before the Eye of Sarnath saga. That'll take some getting used to!

Unknown said...

I think Reading Order and Chronological Order are different things regardless :)

See IDW Transformers

Killer Moth said...

Chris is right about IDW Transformers, especially after reading it for so many years. "Plot hole? No, there was this really cool story that you missed but we didn't feel like telling until years later."

"The Case of the Killer Pizzas before the Eye of Sarnath saga. That'll take some getting used to!"

Weirdly, when I first saw Season 2, then in 1988 or now in 2010's, I always thought there should have been a transition episode between Return of the Shredder and the Eye of Sarnath saga, so this actually fits my headcanon more than I ever thought possible. Conversely, Case being placed in between Sarnath and Enter: The Fly always jarred me, so this works better.

Conversely, Invasion of the Punk Frogs not immediately following Fly needs some personal adjustment, as the subject of Shredder seeking or replacing more mutant henchman with the iconic Punk Frogs makes it a good follow-up to Fly. Then again, New York's Shiniest still works in that respect, if you swap out mutants for robots, via the Rex clones. Moreover, Mark's reasoning to pair Invasion after Splinter No More is perfectly valid.

(If I wanted to nitpick, Shredder's first attempt to open a portal to Dimension X was technically in the Mean Machines via OMNIS, though Splinter No More made it to be a bigger deal or had impacted the plot from the get-go. And Michael Reaves wrote or co-wrote those episodes, so there's the recurring "must open portal" theme to consider. I don't want to disrupt the new order, but have to point that out.)

"You know, just in case this sort of thing keeps you up at night."

Well, I actually stayed up one night this week, marathoning Season 2 and tried it under your new order, so yes? XD

Unknown said...

Transformers Spotlight Soundwave takes place in 1984 instead of present day but does reading it before Transformers Infiltration #0 make sense?

Not really...