Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Interview with Ian Flynn, writer for Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics

Over at AIPT, I had the chance to interview Ian Flynn, writer of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics.  Specifically, I got to ask him about the upcoming Sonic: Mega Drive special.

FYI, the interview questions were, uh, "trimmed" by an Archie publicist.  I had some good ones about the reboot and character availability, but none of that made it to him.  So the interview wound up being much more "soft ball" than I had intended. 

I wanted to ask him about his work on IDW's Turtle books at the end, but that didn't fly.  Ah well.

Bebop & Rocksteady #5 today!  Look for that later.


Anonymous said...

Darn Archie...

Are you allowed to tell us what he said in the cut questions?

Mark Pellegrini said...


Unfortunately, the questions were trimmed by the publicist before they ever reached him, so no juicy secrets to share.

Anonymous said...


SonicBlueRanger said...

I'm not shocked Archie desperately want to forget all about Penders and all that Bullshit.

Don't blame them but still.

Arun said...

Not surprised Archie trimmed questions about character availability. Though, I'm not sure Flynn would have answered them anyway, since his plans could change at the whims of SEGA. That, and I don't think Archie wants Penders breathing down their neck anymore.

Neat interview, though. It's a shame questions about the nature of the reboot were cut.