Monday, June 6, 2016

TMNT: Out of the Shadows (2016) Review at AIPT

What, like I WASN'T going to review the newest major motion picture featuring the TMNT?  I can't kid myself; I have no convictions. I'm a consumer whore.

Here's my review of TMNT: Out of the Shadows at AIPT.

Okay, look, this wasn't an objectively good film.  Not by a long shot.  But you know what?  There was stuff in there I liked.  Stuff I enjoyed. 

And so instead of pissing and moaning about the things that bothered me, I wanted to instead focus on the positive aspects of the film.  So it's a pretty generous review.  I'm not sure I liked the movie as a whole, but I liked Krang, I liked the Technodrome, I liked Baxter Stockman and I liked Bebop & Rocksteady.

I won't say it was good, I'll just say that it ain't all bad.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this Baxter was channeling Eddie Murphy in "The Nutty Professor" more than anything. He was almost identical. But you're right, the villains made the movie.

I loved Brian Tee as Shredder despite him having no fight, and Krang, Bebop/Rocksteady were great. Karai was the only low point, but I didn't expect much out of her so her being a henchwoman didn't bother me. Also the Foot Soldiers actually look more like ninja's now, unlike those army commandos they were in the first film.

I think the Turtles themselves were handled really well for the most part. Their personalities were all distinct and well written and they had some great and funny moments. You really felt like they knew their characters in this one as opposed to the first movie.

Honestly my only gripe with the movie was Shredder didn't fight alonsgide Krang against the Turtles at the end. If anything this whole movie was practically a remake of Secret of the Ooze from 1991, and just as I was a 7 year old who loved that movie as a kid, I'm sure today's 7 year olds will love this one.

Morris Beauregard said...

My only problems with this movie was that things seemed a tad rushed in the beginning, the slo-mo shot, (you know the one), and Casey. He just didn't feel right to me. Other than that, this movie is honestly the most fun I have had in a theater in a while. It really was a great movie. What I hope they're doing if they do do the third movie is set up an actual team up with Shredder and Krang. Krang will unfreeze him and admit that the turtles are a problem and he needs help, send him back with a communicator, then come in himself in the third act. This movie also gets bonus points for that freakin' awesome remix of the old theme at the end. :)

Also I'm pretty sure I saw a triceraton in the shot when Shredder was being stored in the ice chamber.

Dom Clark said...

I was super disappointed with this movie. I think I am the only person on the planet that liked the first one. But I went in with such low expectations that it was better than expected. I did not grow up watching the cartoons (we didn't have a TV) but it was the associated comic that got me into turtles but it was the Mirage comics that made me LOVE it and give it the staying power! So a lot of the goofiness in this did not work for me. And it was just edited and written so poorly. The whole sequence where they are in a plane crash to be chased by a tank to go over the waterfall was baffling! Listening to Donny explain how many seconds the next terrible event would take or watch yet another device tick away to 100%. man it was a sham!

I fully agree that there were many parts of this that looked or felt great it was all just tied together so poorly that it has little value to me. The villains were the main issue here. They really needed to choose. Krang or Shredder? Shredder had far more screen time and had zero pay off. Krang was awesome! But was not really in it except for his brief and once again baffling plan that Shredder agrees to join him on. In the end we had two villians and neither worked due to a lack of screen time. Krang came across poorly as when the Turtles do meet him they are using his name and counting down clocks and they have never seen or heard of him before. Sure there was the constant reference to Baxters files April stole but for files that self deleted April sure got a lot of info out of those!

The movie did start quite strongly tho as I did enjoy the whole basket ball piece and the Pizza stuck on his trainer ;) I laughed.

TBH I liked the first one a LOT more. Sure it had issues but nothing that fundamentally broke the movie for me. Foot clan have guns. Yeah it was wrong but at the end of the day they are only there to get beat up any way!

What would I like to see in a 3rd one? Mousers ;) If your going to do Baxter you need to do Mousers. And I did enjoy Baxter in this movie so I hope he returns. More Krang with some kind of plot to involve him. Any kind of plot. Most importantly I want to see the TMNT be Ninja's. There was a massive lack of fighting in this movie. A movie staring 4 Ninjas with so little fighting. To many super hero posing shots and not enough kicking!

Oh and one more thing. They made Casey Jones a cop :( A cop! WTF.

But its TMNT and I will certainly go see the 3rd one but probably with my expectation in check as I allowed them to get blown way out of proportion for this movie!

And on that note this late 30's guy will crawl back to his IDW comics :)

BulletTooth504 said...

I'm torn. Kinda want to see this out of loyalty to the TMNT franchise, but know it will mostly suck. The general consensus it that it's better than the last movie, and I still have some birthday giftcard money left. Should I wait another week to make sure it'll be a financial bomb, making my box office contribution irrelevant in case it's really that bad? Don't know if I have the patience to wait for my local library to get a dvd copy.

Dom Clark said...

Man thats tough. Tbh I will always support tmnt. If we want more u have to finance it so totally get where your coming from. The general consensus is that this is better than the first but imo the first one was considerably better. If u go see it just go in knowing it sucks so u can enjoy the good stuff. Cos there is some in there its just the stuff that holds it all together. Or lack of lol

BulletTooth504 said...

Screw it. I'll go see it. Went to the last one knowing it would suck, and it didn't ruin my life. If I made it through all 26 episodes of Next Mutation on netflix, then this should be relatively easy.