Thursday, August 25, 2016

Godzilla, the 1978 Hanna-Barbera Cartoon, review at AIPT

If you like Godzilla, then you may want to check out my review of the tragically misunderstood 1978 cartoon over at AIPT.

I've always liked it and I recommend Godzilla fans who have written it off give it another chance.  It isn't that bad!  Really!

As for Turtles, I'll try to get my review of TMNT #61 up either on Friday or Saturday.

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Adam Winters said...

I still find the theme song narration to be one of my favorite Godzilla moments:
"Up from the depths...
Thirty stories high!
Breathing fire...
His head in the sky!
(and Godzuuuuki)

When I drew him, I would usually use the simplified cartoon style as my base.