Monday, August 15, 2016

Our TMNT Universe #1 variant is up for sale!

If you dig the NES box art homage, you can now pick-up a copy of our TMNT Universe #1 variant cover from the Heroes & Fantasies website!

If you live outside of the United States, or if you want a copy autographed by Timothy Lim (Ninjaink), you can order one directly from him via Facebook.

Tim will also be at a signing Saturday, September 3 at the San Antonio Heroes & Fantasies.  If you live in that part of Texas and you want to get a copy directly from the artist, come check it out!

This was a fun cover to work on (our second TMNT variant cover!) and both Nickelodeon and IDW were great sports, bending the rules just a little bit so the trade dressing would match the NES box art.

Thanks for all the support from the TMNT community!


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Mystery Cup of Joe said...

This is very beautiful. The second video game based on the Nick cartoon series also had a similar image for the beginning menu. I guess people find this pose iconic. I wonder about what people think about when seeing this image. Do they think of the NES game or the original Mirage cover?