Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, Review Part 4

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (1997) Part 4 - Review, is up at AIPT!

In this penultimate review, we see the Shredder return to set up a story arc that never happened because the show got cancelled, we meet a renegade Rank Soldier who sets up a plot thread that is never further developed because the show got cancelled, oh and a clip show.

Only one more of these to go!


Adam Winters said...

I'm so glad that your next entry can be called "the Ultimate Next Mutation review."

Anonymous said...

Please continue with the final Next Mutation as fast as possible so we can move on to the 2003 TMNT cartoon.

Chet said...

I actually re-watched the show after reading your reviews, because it got me interested in the show (and because someone gave me their Netflix log-in, so I don't have to watch crappy YouTube videos).

To be completely fair, it's actually the first time I saw the show in its entirety. When it first came on in 1997, I wasn't so much into TMNT anymore. The cartoon and Archie Comics had ended a year prior, so as I came off age, I watched in dread how the people behind Power Rangers butchered the characters I loved as a kid.

For the first time in my life I thought the Turtles weren't cool.

I tried a few times to watch the show online, but I didn't make it through the first story arc, for whatever reason. Now, I committed myself to sit through it, no matter what. And guess what...

It still stinks.

But at some point you just get numb to the show's stupidity, the poorly recycled material of them getting in their stupid Turtle Humvee, and the badly written stories. Some characters even kind of grew on me. Bonesteel was this show's version of the Rat King, like Dr. Quease was its Baxter Stockman or Va Mi was its Karai. Not quite the same, but they all borrowed something of those characters, and gave them a more outlandish and slapstick-like twist.

Mona Lisa isn't even the worst Ninja Turtle in this show - that would be Leo.

Then there were some nice ideas, even if they were executed poorly, like Shredder winding up as a mentally unstable homeless guy, an ancient vampire warlord brought to life by two childlike yet very powerful minions, and the whole mystical Dragon Lord thing. Seriously, IDW or Nickelodeon should bring him back, maybe merging him with Dragon Warrior a.k.a. Hothead or Chote. He could also be a link between the Foot and the Purple Dragons.

If this show had better writers, a bigger budget and any sense of creative direction (being: take the 'Batman: Animated Series' route), then this show wouldn't only have been significantly better and more respected by longtime TMNT fans, but it might've been on for more than one season.

This was a part of my youth I didn't want to revisit that badly, but now I did I can only say that it was a lot worse in my memory. And that's saying something. Maybe I was just to appalled by how cheap and badly designed it all looked. Hell, this all looks like it takes place in the same universe as 'Buffy, The Vampire Slayer or 'Charmed'... Awful and painfully dated.

Yet, somehow, after sitting through two Michael Bay produced TMNT movies I'm somehow not to bothered anymore. Time heals all wounds.

Chet said...

I said Mona Lisa, but I of course meant Venus de Milo. Both named after Renaissance paintings... Coïncidence?