Sunday, November 6, 2016

Enough with this cover already!

Finished reviewing the TMNT Artobiography today.  Went to file it on my shelf.  Happened to notice the company it was keeping.

Come on, now.  I think it's time to retire this one.


Anonymous said...

I thought you said you don't own redundant collections, yet Book IV has colored versions of Mirage issues, and the Eastman quarter century has repeated printings of Mirage issues like the Raph micro, #14, etc. too.

What happened to your, "no redundancy" motto, especially since you own the single issues too?

Mark Pellegrini said...


Because I found it for cheap and figured why not. Also, I don't live by a rigid set of self-imposed rules and will primarily do what I feel like if it's within my means.

BulletTooth504 said...

Any chance you'll do a review of Screw Attack's Ninja Turtles Death Battle Royale?