Sunday, February 5, 2017

Went back and reviewed TMNT Comic #9

Filled in the summary and review for Titan's TMNT Comic #9.

By the standards of Titan's TMNT issues, this comic was competent.  I'll give it that.  The above gag was more amusing than the actual story, though.


Balykkk said...

Hey, mark, are you gonna make chronologycal orders for 4kids and nick shows? First one has shorts, Turtles Forever and TMNT (2007)(?) and second one has canon comics and i dont know where any of these fall chronologicaly. Thanks for great articles and reviews.

Anonymous said...

None of the 4kids shorts or Nickelodeon comics are hard canon. Just there for fun. And the 2007 movie has nothing to do with the 4kids show.

Chet said...

Technically, the 2007 movie was a follow up to the 1990s movie trilogy... Somehow.