Tuesday, October 10, 2017

TMNT 2017 Summer Shorts festival review at AIPT

As eager as I am to review the third season of the 4Kids TMNT cartoon, I decided to take a detour this month and cover the ill-executed TMNT 2017 Summer Shorts festival. 

You can find my review (with embedded videos of each short) over at AIPT.

The series didn't live up to its promotional promises ("One new short every Sunday, all summer long"...?  Yeah right).  Be that as it may, some of the shorts they released were really, really good.  Let's try to stay upbeat.


Joseph Almaoui said...
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Chris Arndt said...

It felt ran-dumb

Morris Beauregard said...

I want to see a whole show made out of the mecha-turtles one. I think it has great potential to a be a sort of "Batman Beyond" to the Nickelodeon ninja turtles. And Lord knows it would be way less depressing than the real ending.