Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shell Shock

Publication date: December, 1989

Cover by: A. C. Farley


*Bottoming Out
*The Treaty
*Junk Man
*New York Ninja
*New Comic Day
*Teen Techno Turtle Trio Plus One!
*Word Warriors
*49th Street Stompers
*Terror by Transmat!
*Ghouls Night Out
*O - Deed
*Crazy Man
*D'Ants Fever
*The Road Trip
*Don’t Judge a Book…
*Fun With Guns
*The Survival Game
*Not One Word!
*A Splinter in the Eye of God?
*You Had To Be There
*Complete Carnage an' Radical
*The Howl
*Night Life
*It’s a Gas
*Meanwhile…100,000,000 B.C.


*"Shell Shock" collects a large number of the Ninja Turtles back-up strips and guest strips published over the years as well as several original pieces. However, the trade paperback falls short of collecting them all, omitting several.

*Many of these back-up and guest strips were originally published in color, but have been reprinted in black and white for this publication. The only other alteration happened in regards to the short “D'Ants Fever” (mistakenly listed in the contents page by the title "Rick's Dive"). Originally published in Grimjack #26, it had the Turtles visiting a favorite local of that series, Munden's Bar. For this reprint, all references to “Munden’s Bar” were removed for trademark purposes and the bar was renamed "Rick's Dive", as Munden's is owned by the creators of Grimjack.

*This collection was put together as part of a fundraiser for the Literacy Volunteers of Chicago. Eastman and Laird donated their share of the revenues for this book directly to the group.