Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gobbledygook (Vol. 2) #1

Publication date: December, 1986

Cover: Kevin Eastman (pencils and inks) and Peter Laird (colors)


Gobbledygook contains the following TMNT stories:

*You Had To Be There
*Crazy Man

Gobbledygook contains the following non-TMNT stories:

*Don’t Sleep on Main Street
*Only a Loser
*Enchanted Pilgrim
*The Crossing
*Splat and Beggar
*The Louder the Better
*Cosmic Crows
*Cola Wars
*Shopping Spree (a Gizmo tale)

As well as several galleries of illustrations and several one-page comic strips.

Turtle Tips:

*The concept art pinup of the Triceraton was originally published in Gobbledygook (Vol. 1) #1.

*"Don't Sleep on Main Street" and "Only a Loser" were originally published in Gobbledygook (Vol. 1) #2.


The original two-issue Gobbledygook (Vol. 1) series was Eastman and Laird’s first published collaboration and was printed essentially on Xerox paper and limited to print runs of 150 each, making them very easily counterfeited. The original Gobbledygook series contained no TMNT content to speak of, outside of a single advertisement for TMNT (Vol. 1) #1 printed on the back cover (which many comic book price guides to this day continue to misinterpret as the TMNT’s first appearance) and the first twenty pages of Fugitoid (microseries) #1 segmented into four chapters.

This Gobbledygook (Vol. 2) #1 one-shot is a celebration of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s career, collecting stories from the first two-issue Gobbledygook (Vol. 1) miniseries, original material, rare illustrations of both the published and unpublished variety and some guest material.