Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mirage Mini Comics Collection

Originally published: 1989

Cover: Mark Martin


Story #1: “Dead Biker and Gutsucker” (by Jim Lawson)
Story #2: “Melting Pot” (by Kevin Eastman and Jim Lawson)
Story #3: “Atlantic City, Paradise” (Stephen Murphy, Steve Lavigne, Dan Berger)
Story #4: “A Forgotten TMNT Adventure” (Dean Clarrain/Stephen Murphy, Michael Dooney, Dan Berger)
Story #5: “Reflections on a Metal Face” (a Gizmo story by Michael Dooney)
Story #6: “The Fraying Weave” (Stephen Murphy)
Story #7: “Mobile” (Michael Zulli, Stephen Murphy)
Story #8: “L’il Tiny Comics” (Rick Veitch)
Story #9: “Lasagna Loves” (Mark Martin)
Story #10: “Bush Babies” (Mark Bode)
Story #11: “Casey Jones, Private Eye” (Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird)
Story #12: “Terrorsaurs” (Steve Bissette, Peter Laird)
Story #13: “Commandosaurs” (Peter Laird, Steve Bissette)

Turtle Tips:

*Only “A Forgotten TMNT Adventure”, “Lasagna Loves” and “Casey Jones, Private Eye” are TMNT stories.

*This was a tiny box set of 8-page comics published on 4 ¼” by 5 ½” scraps of cheap paper. $11.95 was really pushing it, guys.