Friday, March 4, 2011

The Manga is back and better than ever! (UPDATE!!!)

Some exciting news from us at TMNT Entity! We're teaming up with a comic translation/scanlation team known as the Optical Internet Translation Gang to bring you more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles manga at a faster pace and with better lettering and visual clean-up!

I've heard your critiques about and suggestions for the manga here at TMNT Entity and taken them all to heart. The majority of criticisms remained pretty much the same: The lettering is bad, the images are a mess and reading them one scan per blog post at a time is a pain in the ass.

Cryomancer, the head honcho of the Optical Internet Translation Gang contacted me and through him you'll be getting better quality presentations than I can offer on my own (though I love translating the stuff, my lettering skills leave much to be desired).

His letters are crisp, clean, full of personality and make for an altogether different, and better, reading experience.

For now, he's going to take the raw scans of the material I've already translated (Mutant Turtles Gaiden and Super Turtles Vol. 1), completely reletter them and make them available in a fast, convenient .cbr download (so no more clicking through the pages and enlarging them one at a time!).

More relettered chapters are on the way and, once he's done relettering my old material, we'll be throwing new stuff out at a faster pace. For now, my old, ugly versions will remain on the site to initiate the curious, but I'll be adding links to the manga section whenever Cryomancer's relettered versions are made available.