Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Super Turtles (manga) Vol. 1: relettered and remastered!

The guys at the Optical Internet Translation Gang have done it again!

The first volume of the Super Turtles manga has been completely cleaned-up and relettered!

Just as with their remasters of the Mutant Turtles Gaiden manga, it's great to see this one get proper text editing treatment that I just don't have the skills to accomplish myself. If you haven't read the translated manga yet because either you didn't know about it, my crappy text-edited-through-Gimp versions repulsed you or the process of having to click on a link every time you wanted to change pages annoyed you... now is your chance to download the entire relettered volume in a convenient .cbr!

Again, special thanks to the Optical Internet Translation Gang for getting my translations looking their best. Hopefully, we should have to the second volume of Super Turtles to you some time soon.